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Avocor Interactive Touch Screen | F-Series

Technology For Anywhere, Anytime

The world of work has changed dramatically over the last 10 years, we are no longer confined to the office or constrained by 'normal' working hours. Business can happen anywhere, at any time so there is a growing requirement to invest in tools that enhance productivity and increase business agility. Avocor create solutions that are designed to improve cross team communication and collaboration in the modern workplace, enabling people to come together to work together on projects and initiatives that create positive outcomes.

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Avocor flexible working spaces

Modern Challenges

With the average employee now spending up to 95%* of their working day in meetings, businesses are faced with the challenge of creating meeting spaces that facilitate the needs of the modern workplace.

The Avocor Open Collaboration Solution or F series has been designed to be the hub of the meeting space, whether it’s a traditional conference room or huddle area, our solution is designed to enhance the meeting experience for all, enabling smart and fluid collaboration.

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avocor remote working technology

Remote Meetings

As our workforce becomes increasingly mobile and flexible, not all meetings can happen face to face, organisations therefore need to ensure that employees and customers feel included in the conversation, regardless of their location.

avocor remote working technology

Open Platform

Because the Avocor solution is a completely open platform, 3rd party Unified Communications and Collaboration tools can be easily added to enhance communication and collaboration and making every participant engaged in the discussion.


The Avocor Open Collaboration Solution is built on the familiar Windows 10 operating platform, delivering a simple to use, instantly recognisable software interface. The Microsoft Office Suite provides access to business applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, enabling content to be created, saved and shared easily to any device either during or following the meeting for review and even further collaboration as required. 





Avocor Note by Nureva™ is an easy to use whiteboarding application that comes pre-loaded with a comprehensive range of interactive tools. With a selection of professionally created backgrounds, images and icons, the software has been specially designed to enable every user to create professional looking whiteboard content. Avocor Note by Nureva works beautifully with Avocor Intelligent Touch technology, fully supporting object awareness, including pen, finger and palm recognition. Content created in the software can be easily shared with others, either as a complete whiteboard session page, individually as images or the whole file printed as a PDF file for quick and easy distribution anywhere in the world. Content can also be brought in and shared through the ever-popular Microsoft Share Charm into and from other applications, such as OneNote and Microsoft EDGE, for further collaboration. Avocor Note by Nureva comes as standard with all Avocor interactive displays.

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The simple and secure meeting room interface that provides multi platform integration to transform any interactive display into a one click meeting space.

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One of the unique features of the Avocor Open Collaboration Solution is that you can connect people and teams across the globe through all cloud based applications such as Skype, Google Hangout, Skype for Business or Adobe WebConferencing quickly and easily through the embedded Windows 10 PC. Organisations are not constrained to propriety conferencing solutions, enabling you to switch between applications if required.  


Skype for business, Google Hangouts, Adobe Web Conferencing



The Avocor Open Collaboration Solution includes Avocor Intelligent Touch using InGlass™ technology which delivers a superior writing experience that is just like putting pen to paper and is up to five times more responsive than alternative touch technologies. Annotations feel natural whilst object recognition differentiates easily between a pen, finger or palm.

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Avocor Interactive Technology Solutions


Because the Avocor solution is designed to be completely flexible with its open architecture and agnostic platform, it can be integrated with existing or legacy tools from 3rd party providers, enabling you to create solutions which are tailored to your needs today whilst providing a simple upgrade path for tomorrow’s business requirements, meaning your investment is future-proofed for today, tomorrow and beyond.