avocor technologies
avocor technologies
Avocor collaborated with WORKTECH Academy to produce a whitepaper focusing on collabortion within the modern meeting room, huddle space and collaboration zones to enhance communication and improve collaboration.

Collaboration can be defined as the process whereby people work together.

Traditionally this also meant people being co-located in the same place at the same time. Now, with new technology, connectivity and the ‘death of distance’, collaboration is being redefined in new and significant ways as more and more people experience the potential to work together, share ideas and develop collective solutions across multiple dimensions of time, place and space.

These emerging and expanding vistas of advanced collaborative work require new collaboration tools, spaces and behaviours to succeed. This Insight Report, prepared by Avocor in partnership with WORKTECH Academy, looks at the future of collaboration over the next five years, identifying key shifts in practice and critical success factors.

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