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Installation Considerations

Proper installation of your display will ensure a satisfying viewing experience. Whether a display is installed temporarily or permanently, the following should be taken into account to ensure the best performance of the display

Ambient Light

In general, minimise or eliminate light sources directed at the screen. Contrast ratio in your images will be noticeably reduced if light directly strikes the screen, such as when a shaft of light from a window or floodlight falls on the image. Images may then appear washed out and less vibrant. Direct sunlight may affect touch operation.

Ambient Heat

Keep the ambient temperature constant and below 35°C (95°F). Keep the display away from heat, radiators and / or air conditioning vents.


If you are mounting the display in an enclosure, leave sufficient space on all sides between it and surrounding objects, as shown in Figure 3-1. This allows heat to disperse, maintaining the proper operating temperature.

Mounting the Display

You can mount the display on a wall. If you do decide to wall-mount the display, ensure that the wall-mount bracket is installed according to the instructions included with it. The wall must be capable of supporting a redundant weight factor three (3) times the weight of the display, or be reinforced. We recommend that this be done by a custom installation specialist.

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