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Question:First Line TroubleshootingGeneral | Added Tuesday 20th September 2016


The below table provides some general guidelines for troubleshooting problems you may encounter with your Avocor Interactive Touch Screen If the suggested solutions fail to resolve the problem or if you encounter an issue not described here, please contact Avocor Technical Support on the below details.

Symptom Solution
  • The display does not turn on

  • Ensure the display is plugged in and that the AC outlet is active
  • Set the main Power Switch to on

  • I have no image on the display

  • Check there is power to the display
  • Check the Power Switch is in the on position
  • Select the correct source
  • Connect to the display from the external PC
  • Check the external PC is outputting a picture signal correctly
  • Check the connection cables are properly seated
  • Bypass any wall plates connections for testing

Remote Control
  • The remote control does not work

  • Replace the batteries
  • Ensure that that polarities correctly match the (+) and (-) markings inside the battery compartment
  • Check to see if the remote is locked. If so, unlock the buttons by pressing ENTER, ENTER, EXIT, EXIT, ENTER and EXIT, in sequence
  • Make sure that there is nothing obstructing the infrared beam between the remote control and the IR receiver on the display
  • The remote control may fail to operate if the infrared remote sensor is exposed to bright sunlight or florescent lighting

  • Touch screen doesn’t work

  • Check the USB cable from the source to the display is connected correctly
  • Check the USB cable length is not over 5 metres
  • Try a different USB cable
  • Connect to the display from the external PC and bypass any USB wall plate connections for testing
  • Check the drivers
  • Check the external PC or Operating System compatibility

  • The sound isn’t working

  • Check the volume level is higher than 0
  • Check the volume level in Microsoft Windows is higher than 0
  • Is the Mute function activated
  • If using an external PC, check the audio / optical cables are properly seated

Freeze Frame
  • How do I use the screen’s Freeze function?

  • The Freeze function can be activated using the Freeze button on the remote control and the connect and control bar. If the Freeze function has been activated, the picture that is on the screen when the button is pressed will continue to be displayed and “Freeze” will appear in text in the top left hand corner of the display. To deactivate, press “Freeze” again

Blank Out
  • How do I use the screen’s Blank Out function?

  • The Blank Out function can be activated using the Blank Out button on the remote control or the Connect and Control Bar. If the Blank Out function has been activated, the screen will have no image and “Blank Out” will appear in text on the top left hand corner of the display. To deactivate, press “Blank Out” again

Image Quality
  • Screen resolution

  • Check the screen resolution

Image Quality
  • The display is jittery and unstable

  • Ensure that the source is properly connected and of adequate quality for detection
  • Check the connection at the source is correct. The horizontal or vertical scan frequency of the input signal may be out of range for the display

Image Quality

  • Image quality is too bright and / or lacks definition in the bright areas of the image

  • Check the level of contrast and adjust accordingly

Image Quality
  • Image appears “washed out” and / or dark areas appears too bright

  • Check the level of brightness and decrease the brightness accordingly

Image Quality
  • Image is too dark

  • Check the level of brightness and / or backlight and change accordingly

Image Quality
  • Images from a HDMI source do not display

  • Select a compatible source
  • Check the HDMI cable from the source to the display is connected correctly, try an alternative HDMI cable

Image Quality
  • Images do not display correctly

  • Select a compatible source
  • Adjust Clocks and Phase settings

  • Cleaning your interactive touchscreen

  • Please wipe the surface lightly with a soft clean cloth
  • If the surface requires additional cleaning, lightly moisten the cloth. Do not spray directly onto the interactive touchscreen
  • Do not let any kind of liquid enter the display as it may cause electrical shock or damage
  • Do not clean the display with alcohol, solvent or ammonia, as this could damage the display

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