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Question:How to complete a Windows 10 factory reset and upgarde to Windows 10 AnniversaryTechnical | Added Friday 31st March 2017


​Before starting, please click here to download the relevant documents and save them to your desktop.

Step 1 - Make a bootable USB:

  • Ready a clear 8G or above USB disk.
  • Run UltraISOPortable from the Win10-UsbBoot folder.

NOTE: If UltraISOPortable shows in the task bar but not on the desktop on the keyboard press “Alt” and “Space bar” at the same time. At the top left of the screen select “Maximize”

  • Click Menu: File -> Open, and select “WINPE_amd64_auto.iso” and select Open.
  • Click Menu: Bootable -> Write Disk Image.

  • Set “Write Method” to “USB-HDD+”. “Hide Boot Partition” to “Hidden” and then click “Write” to start burn the ISO into USB disk.
  • The below warning message will appear, press Yes to continue.
  • After Burned, click “Format” button to format the disk. Change File System to “NTFS” and rename Volume Label to “WINPE”.
  • Press “Close” to exit after the burn has been completed.
  • Copy all files from “Image directory” to the USB disk.

Step 2 - Flash the OS from the USB

  • Connect the Bootable USB drive and USB Keyboard to a USB HUB and connect the HUB to the front PC USB port on the disply.
  • Enter BIOS mode - Power on the display on the Embedded PC input and keep the “ESC” key pressed on the keyboard.
  • Choose “Boot Manager” and select your USB name to boot up.
  • After restart, again, it will enter WINPE environment and start to flash OS automatically - (The process will take about 30 minutes)
  • Once completed you will come to the Windows 10 desktop.

Step 3 - Install AvocorNote app

  • After system restarted, now we change the system to develop mode. Click Start Menu -> Settings -> Update & Security -> For Developers -> Developer Mode.
  • Continually, move to the USB Disk:\\ AvocorNote\install.bat and rick click choose “Run as Administrator” to install AvocorNote apps.
  • After app installed, switch system to original mode (Slideload).

Step 4 - Complete Systems Preparation

  • Return Sysprep.exe to choose the OOBE mode and click “Ok” to restore first page of Windows 10. (The action need to repeat 2 items.)
  • Finally, the screen will show the start page of Windows 10 and the Factory Reset Windows 10 Process is complete.
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