10 Huddle Room Furniture Items You Cannot Be Without

If you keep up with the latest news in the business world, you’ll know that huddle rooms are pretty much essential for all forward-thinking companies.

Huddle rooms are small partitioned areas, sometimes in their own self-contained pod or often in their own place entirely, where a small group can get together for a quick brief or meeting. They’re a great example of modern creative workplace interiors.

They took their name from American Football huddles, where teammates get together mid-game to discuss tactics.

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Huddle rooms are essential for teamwork and collaboration in the workplace because they encourage small groups to get together.

There are lots of things to consider when creating a huddle room, like:

  • Its location (do you have a separate room for this, or do you need to create an area?)
  • How will it be soundproofed?
  • Does the space have a secure WiFi connection?

But, once you’ve planned the initial stages of your huddle room, you’re going to want to move to think about huddle room furniture.

Because while your room is small, it’s significant to the progress of your business. So when you’re creating your huddle room design, don’t forget to include these ten huddle room furniture items.

1. Chairs

People will be going into the huddle room from their office chairs; so you’re going to want your huddle room chairs to be at least as comfortable as those to make people see the huddle room positively!

huddle room furniture

High-quality office chairs are essential in the modern workplace, and swivel chairs are great because they enable people to move around as they creatively think about ways to resolve issues and address problems.

It’s also vital that these are adjustable, as people of different heights will probably be using them.

While swivel chairs are normally an office favorite, as they help people move around a lot more, if you are after a more ‘cozy’ atmosphere to your huddle room you might want to consider comfy chairs or even sofas instead.

Huddle rooms are made to accommodate 4-6 people, so you’ll want to add this many chairs to your huddle room shopping list.

2. A large table

The table should be the centerpiece of the huddle room. This is where sheets of paper will be laid out, people will lean on while discussing strategies, and where employees will place their laptops and other items.

best huddle room furniture

It goes without saying that your huddle room table must be of the highest quality. It also should be as big as possible (depending on the size of the room). If you’re keen on spending money on the best type of product, think about getting an adjustable table that can be changed from a sitting table to a standing one. This will suit different types of teams and work styles.

3. Interactive display

One of the most important huddle room furniture items is your interactive display. These are much more useful than interactive whiteboards, as they connect to people’s devices (even people who are not in the huddle room can connect!) and make use of apps.

It can also be used as a whiteboard to sketch out ideas, so it has all of the functionality of an interactive whiteboard with some add-ons. You can purchase an interactive display in different sizes, some made with huddle rooms in mind. It’s perfect for business collaboration.

interactive display for huddle rooms

You also may want to consider a great huddle room camera for conferences. These can be attached to your interactive display and work well with them.

4. Door

If you already have a room for your huddle space, you won’t need to worry about this – but if you are partitioning your own huddle room, you’ll definitely need to think about a door.

A door enables privacy for your employees, meaning that they are more likely, to be honest in the huddle room discussion. It also helps with soundproofing, and it gives workers a sense of ‘leaving’ the office and ‘entering’ a different space – helping with the mindset shift, re-energizing, and increasing productivity levels.

decorate your huddle room

5. Stylish cabinet

While huddle rooms are great for business, there is no reason why they can’t be stylish as well! You may want a cabinet in your huddle room to keep important documents in, and it’ll create a trendy atmosphere if it’s on the stylish side – just make sure that it is space-saving too.

You could possibly look at an open wall-mounted cabinet to store your books and folders in, or another modern cabinet design to keep your huddle room looking fresh.

6. Plants

Plants are great additions to office spaces, especially huddle rooms. They are great for soundproofing areas, and also add a splash of color and nature to a room; they’ll oxygenate the atmosphere and are also thought to reduce workplace stress and increase employee morale.

plants for huddle rooms

It is warned, however, that a dead plant can have the opposite effect; so it’s important to make sure that any plants you do introduce to your huddle room are full of life!

You could consider:

  • A desk plant for the middle of the table
  • A low-light plant for the corner of the room
  • An air plant, which doesn’t take up much space and doesn’t need soil

Remember to care for your plant appropriately to ensure it stays full of life for as long as possible. This means watering it daily and ensuring that it gets the amount of sunlight that it needs.

7. Pictures

Another great huddle room soundproofing technique is adding pictures. The type and style of picture depend largely on your company and the teams who will be using it.

You might want branding and thematic pieces of art, with eye-catching colors. Or maybe you’ll opt to go for an inspirational quote that you could have framed and put on the wall.

Either way, make sure it’s something that adds energy and vibrancy to the atmosphere.

8. Plug Sockets

You’ll want to make sure that you have enough plug sockets for your team; as a general rule of thumb, have one plug socket for each person’s laptop, and one USB socket for if they need to charge their phone.

Wireless charging could also be a feature of your huddle room if you have the budget.

9. Carpet

If you’re wanting to soundproof your huddle room, opt for a thick carpet to keep the noise out. This is also a great idea if your rooms are located somewhere that is prone to getting cold in the winter!

carpets for huddle rooms

For a more chic, stylish look, a wooden floor may be better. Either way, make sure that it is inviting and aesthetically pleasing and goes with the general look of your room.

10. Lighting

Finally, consider what lighting you want in your huddle room. You’ll want something that gives the room a bright, welcoming feel but isn’t too harsh. This article notes how “excessively soft lighting may result in participants dozing off” and considers lighting to vary depending on the tone and mood of the room.

If you will be using the room to speak to a remote team, bear that in mind as well.

If you have natural lighting in your huddle room, use this to your advantage. You may still want to add a light, for particularly grey days or for late afternoon meetings in winter, but good lighting may become less of a priority.


You can’t be merely treading water when today’s business world steadily shifts away from the conventional towards uncharted territories.

A huddle room is well on its way to supersede the traditional meeting room and businesses have the responsibility of equipping these areas with attractive and functional furniture.

The more you commit to this cause of decorating your rooms with the best huddle room furniture, the more engaged and efficient your employees will become. So, how will you adorn your huddle room?