Avocor Blog - Blackboards? What are they?

Ask your child, a young niece or nephew or your neighbour’s kids, what a blackboard is and quite often they’ll look at you like you’re speaking a foreign language. Worrying? No, it shouldn’t be, because it quite simply means that their schools are moving with the times and embracing technology. Did you know that the chalk board was invented in the 1800s and the whiteboard in the 1950s? No wonder it seems like a foreign language, technology have evolved as time has moved on.

You might know that over the last 10 years’, the classroom buzzword was ‘IWB’, also known to us as ‘Interactive Whiteboards’, but guess what, that’s also set to change! Now, the keyword focus is on ‘collaboration’. Interactive Whiteboards continue to serve their purpose, but interactive touch screens offer an all-round integrated solution for both teachers and students and are set to become a mainstay in classrooms for years to come.

Take the Avocor F10 series of interactive displays, for example, they are not only built with an anti-glare display, but they come packaged with integrated speakers and energy saving ambient light sensors. So, gone will be the days of teachers’ closing blinds to get a clear display, having to buy add-on speakers and convince decision-makers that the energy-consumption of the obligatory projector is worth it. More importantly, the connectivity options that interactive solutions, like the Avocor F10 series, support are endless. You can have up to 10 touches on the screen at any one time, students can zoom in and out, manipulate images, all whilst enjoying a clear and crisp display.

Chalk boards, whiteboards and now Interactive Whiteboards were all revolutionary for their time, but remember the screeching sound from the chalk, the race to rub the board and having to strain to get a good look at the screen? Well, whilst we might, the children of the future most certainly won’t!