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Question:How to upgrade the F50 Series DisplayPort firmwareAdded September 28, 2018


Required Tools: 

  • Computer with DisplayPort (Mini DisplayPort to full-size DisplayPort will also work)
  • DisplayPort cable or Mini DisplayPort to full-size cable


  • Download the Firmware folder by clicking here
  •  Extract the files (if compressed) and save them to your desktop for ease of access


  • Open the folder
  • Run the program „PumaAUXISPTool.exe“
  • Confirm the „Status“ is connected

If the status is not connected 

  • Change the DisplayPort cable
  • Change the PC
  • Close and restart the „PumaAUXISPTool.exe“ program and try again 


  • Next to „FW File:“ select „Browse“ and locate the file „MCDP2900_C14_V11.116.004_Payload.bin“ within the Firmware file saved on your desktop
  • Press „Start“ (The update time should be about 90 seconds)

If the process fails

  • Restart the program and run it again 
  • If the program does not connect and you’re receiving an error message, please contact Avocor’s support team on +44 (0) 1276 804 665 or service@avocor.co.uk


  • When the DisplayPort firmware has finished updating, turn the power AC switch off and then on again

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