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Question:How to control up to 4 interactive displays using an external PCAdded Januar 22, 2018


Please find below the instructions if you wish to control more than up to 4 Avocor interactive displays using an external PC with a dedicated graphics card that has more up to 4 video output.

In this scenario, we will guess that you are running an external PC with 4 video outputs, and that you wish to control 4 Avocor displays from this PC.


Connect the 4 Avocor displays to the external PC via HDMI and USB for each Avocor display.

  • Connect an HDMI Cable from the HDMI out port on the external PC to an HDMI input connection on the Avocor display (i.e. HDMI 1)
  • Power on all Avocor displays and change the source input to that of the above step.
  • Connect the USB cable from each display to the external PC – USB connection A to the external PC and USB connection B (touch input) into the display
  • Setup your preferred video format as required (i.e. extended desktop or duplicated desktop)


Once you have your video layout set, you need to configure all the Avocor displays for touch functionality.

  • Connect the USB keyboard to the external PC an select “Start”
  • Type “Control Panel” and select the application
  • Click “Tablet PC Settings”
  • Select “Setup” from the top of the Tablet PC Settings
  • Follow the onscreen instructions

Once completed, this should then provide you with touch functionality on all of the Avocor displays.

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