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Question:How to stop the OPS shutting down when in sleep modeAdded März 6, 2019


If you are having an issue with the OPS shutting down when the display goes to sleep, we have recently created new firmware that addresses this issue so the OPS and/or Avocor display can go to sleep without the display then immediately sending a shutdown command to the OPS. Please follow the steps below:


  • Download the firmware which relates to the given model you have purchased (F6550F7550 | F8650)
  • Extract the files (if compressed) and save them to your desktop for ease of access
  • Change the Firmware file name to merge.bin (e.g. change Scaler_AVF-.6550_V101.bin to merge.bin)
  • Prepare a USB stick formatted to Fat32 (as most are out of the box) to load the Firmware file onto
  • Load the Firmware file onto the root of the USB
  • Connect the USB stick to the Service USB Port on the back of the display


Using the remote control, follow the On Screen Display menu set up as outlined below:

  • Select ‘Menu’ on the remote
  • Navigate using the arrows down to ‘Adv. Setup’
  • Select ‘Software Update’
  • Navigate to ‚Advanced‘
  • Toggle ‚Wake Up From Sleep‘ to ‚Digital, RS-232, Ethernet‘


The final step is dependent on the desired behaviour:


If you would like the screen to go to sleep after a period of inactivity but the OPS to remain on:

  • Set the Windows 10 Power & Sleep setting for the ’screen‘ to turn off after (xx) minutes, and ’sleep‘ set to ’never‘
    • This will ensure the OPS will allow the screen to go to sleep after (xx) minutes. When this happens, you will see ’no signal‘ for five minutes and then the screen will go to sleep. Simply touching the display will wake it back up


If you would like the screen AND the OPS to go to sleep:

  • Set the Windows 10 Power and Sleep setting or the ’screen‘ to turn off ’never‘, and the ’sleep‘ setting to the desired number of minutes

In order for the OPS to be able to be woken up in this state by touching the display, you will need to change a BIOS setting on the OPS

  • Connect a keyboard to the display
  • Restart the OPS and immediately start tapping the ‚ESC‘ continuously whilst starting up to get the OPS BIOS
  • Once in the BIOS, navigate to ‚Advanced -> Power Management Configuration‘
  • Select ‚USB KB/MS Wakeup‘ and set this to ‚Enabled‘


If the issue still continues after following the steps above, please contact us for further help.

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