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Question:How do I restore the factory Image to the OPS?Added April 23, 2020


  1. Download the latest OPS Image from this link
  2. Prepare a USB key with the image as per the instructions included with the image file.
  3. With the OPS fitted in the screen, connect NW cable, USB keyboard, USB mouse and the USB reimage key you have created directly to the OPS.
  4. While holding down Delete key on the USB keyboard, Power on the screen and OPS.
  5. The OPS should boot into BIOS.
  6. Use cursor keys to select Save and Exit
  7. Use cursor down to select the Image USB key (The choice will depend upon the USB key – below are 2 examples). If you are unsure, carry out a reboot with your USB boot key removed and enter the BIOS again to see which choice is now missing in the Save and Exit option. Now repeat with your USB boot key inserted and you should be able to identify your USB key. Select this and continue.
  8. With your key selected press enter.
  9. Re-image process will then commence.
  10. After a number of reboots, the OPS will be in Windows Out-of-Box experience. Complete your set-up process.
  11. Once complete, we recommend you carry out Windows updates.
  12. Should you encounter any difficulties, please contact Avocor Support who will be able to assist you.
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