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Question:How to book a meeting in Outlook/ExchangeAdded Juli 24, 2018


When utilising Outlook via Exchange, you can either book the room resource or forward the meeting to the room.

Booking a Room Resource using Outlook

There are 3 ways to invite the room to a meeting in Outlook

  1. Invite the room by email address
  2. Choose the location from the Room List
  3. Select from the Room Finder

Once you have invited the room to the meeting request, choose your type of meeting on the top menu bar (e.g. Zoom, Skype etc.), then invite the rest of your participants.

Forward the Meeting to a Room 

Another way to book a meeting is to forward a meeting invite to the room from Outlook or your mobile device. Right click on the calendar meeting, choose ‚Forward‘ and then type in the room email address.

Note: Often organisations will put the room email address as the room name. 

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