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Question:How to create a user guide tile with QuickLaunchAdded August 22, 2018


Some organisations may find it useful to add a user guide as an action tile in QuickLaunch. To do this, create a document as a pdf and set your default application. Please see a link below which contains sample PPT slides. You can take a screenshot of your implementation and substitute in the appropriate slide and change the text if easier.

Quicklaunch_Sample Slides

Press – CTRL-ALT-S for settings

  1. Click Actions
  2. Select the appropriate group
  3. Click Add ‚+‘
  4. Click ‚Add program‘
  5. Click select

  1. Add name
  2. Add short name
  3. Choose icon colour
  4. Choose the program path for the pdf
  5. Choose the icon from the Catalog
  6. Set display rules if applicable
  7. Save

Or alternatively, watch this how-to video

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