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Question:How to create and import a Room TemplateAdded Juli 24, 2018


Quicklaunch templates are patterns or blueprint for the meeting room that are saved as Quicklaunch Template Files (QLT). Quicklaunch templates are created to make it easy to set up additional rooms and change configurations. A template contains configuration information for the room and includes display settings, themes (colours, logos etc.) action tiles, calendar and system settings. Each of these settings can be imported individually or as a whole. It provides IT with an easy way to roll out or make changes to multiple rooms.

A Quicklaunch template saves the configuration without the credentials and license key (QLT). Alternatively, you can create a full backup with credentials and license keys (QLS).

Creating a Room Template

  • Start by using the Configuration Wizard, Designer Mode and Settings to set up your room template
  • Once complete, hit Ctrl-Alt-S to enter Settings
  • On the bottom tab, select the Down Arrow on the Export button
  • Select ‚Create Room Template‘ 
  • Name the file what you wish to save it as, and Quicklaunch will add the .qlt extension






Importing a Room Template 

  • Option 1 – When installing Quicklaunch select Import then select the .qlt file and hit enter

  • Option 2 – Once you have finished installing Quicklaunch, hit Ctrl-Alt-S to enter settings, select Import and then find the .qlt file you would like to use and hit enter

Importing a Theme Only

  • Hold down Ctrl-Alt-S to enter the Settings section. Select the Theme tab and then select Import Theme Settings. From here, locate the .qlt file you would like to import and hit enter

Importing Action Tiles only

  • Go to the Settings tab by holding down Ctrl-Alt-S and select the Actions tab. Select Import Action Settings on the right-hand side menu under the title ‚Options‘


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