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Question:Installing and removing an OPSAdded Januar 22, 2018


When installing or removing the OPS PC module, please follow the steps below:

  • Ensure that the display is turned off [power socket on rear of display]
  • Use a screwdriver to unscrew the OPS slot cover on the display input panel. Do not lose the screws that are removed
  • Install the OPS module by sliding it gently into the OPS slot until you hear a click, indicating the module is securely inserted. When using an Avocor OPS PC, the fan should be facing to the backside of the display. Do not apply force
  • Secure the OPS module in position by screwing it onto the display input panel using the screws that were removed earlier
  • Turn on the interactive display. When using an Avocor OPS PC a green light on the side of the OPS PC should appear, indicating that the OPS PC is switched on and operational

NOTE: When installing or de-installing an OPS PC, the display must always be switched off (minimum 15 seconds). Failure to follow the above instructions can/will void your OPS PC and/or your display warranty for failures associated with OPS PC and Display I/O ports. “Hot Plugging” the OPS PC is not allowed or covered under warranty.

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