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Question:Quickshare hot keysAdded Juli 24, 2018


Quickshare is a function within Quicklaunch that allows users to share and display content from laptops onto the interactive display via an HDMI Capture Device (for example Mimo Vue HD 10.1”).

This guide lists shortcut keys that you can use in Quickshare.

ALT + F Open the File menu.
ALT + F then ALT + X Exit quickshare
ALT + D then ALT + A Open Available Device menu.
ALT + D then ALT + T Set as Default feed
ALT + D then ALT + Y Start the video feed
ALT + D then ALT + P Pause the video feed
ALT + V Open the View menu
ALT + V then ALT + C or Double-click anywhere in screen Enter Full Screen mode
ESC or Double click on video feed Leave Full Screen mode
ALT + S Open the Share menu
ALT + S then ALT + B Share using Skype for Business
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