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Question:Best practice audio setup on the Avocor F50 seriesAdded July 17, 2019


For the best audio/microphone performance with the F50 series, it’s important that the USB “Microphone” speaker is enabled in the on-screen menu on the Avocor display. This allows the USB audio device our panel presents Windows to be able to playback through the speakers and makes the microphone “aware” of the audio being played for better DSP/cancellation performance.

This also has the added benefit of making the default audio device Windows 10 likes to grab (USB speaker/microphone) work out of the box so the default audio device doesn’t have to be changed to the video connection (seen as AVF-8650 NVIDIA High Definition Audio in the screenshot below).

  1. Hit menu on the Avocor remote, go down to the Audio Settings section, go into the “Audio Source” option within this menu, and change the AV input you are using from “default” to “microphone”

  1. Next, make sure the USB speaker/microphone is set as the default in both the speaker and microphone sections as seen here:


  1. Finally, make sure your UC program (Zoom, Teams, etc) is respecting the new default settings and its speaker and microphone are both set to XMOSS.


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