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Question:How to add students / participants to view your Ximbus contentAdded May 30, 2018


Once you’ve added files or web resources to the timeline, tap the “Invite an Audience” button at the top right.

If you are using Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams, you will have an option to add an entire Class or Team to the lesson.

Alternatively, you can add individual contacts or even directly type in the email address of someone you want to share the lesson with.

After you’ve added your audience, you can choose whether you want to see it as a Self-Paced lesson for your participants to view in their own time, or whether to present it as a Live Lesson for an in-class scenario.

Please note that if you choose to run a Live Lesson, once you have closed down the lesson, your invited audience will be able to access the lesson in Self-Paced mode immediately, without any additional setup.

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