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Question:How to reimage the 32GB embedded PCAdded July 5, 2019


Equipment needed:

  • USB key 8GB or more
  • Win 10/7 PC
  • USB keyboard
  • USB Hub
  • USB Mouse (advised)

WARNING – Before commencing, ensure the correct drive has been selected. Verify by removing the USB drive, check the drive disappears, then reinserting the USB drive and ensuring the drive appears again. Selecting the incorrect drive could result in loss of data/operating system on your computer.

  1. Make a boot disk:
  • Download and unzip the CXW8 zip file which can be downloaded here
  • Prepare an empty 8G (or above) USB drive by formatting it as a FAT32 single partition. (If the USB drive is multi-partitioned, use Windows Disk Manager to remove them and create a single partition)
  • From the downloaded unzipped file, run Win10-UsbBoot\.
  • Click Menu->File->Open and open the Win10-UsbBoot\ from the downloaded unzipped file.
  • Click Menu->Bootable->Write Disk Image

  • Set “Write Method” to “USB-HDD+”, “Hide Boot Partition” to “Hidden” and then click “Write” to start burning the ISO onto the USB drive.

  • The below warning message will appear, press OK to continue.

  • After it has finished burning, exit the program.
  • From File Explorer, navigate to the USB drive. 2 drives may be shown – one drive will have the boots files and the other drive will be empty.
  • Right-click the empty drive (only this may be shown) and select “Format”. Select “File System” as “NTFS”, “Format Options” to “Quick Format”, Change the “Volume label” to “WINPE” and Capacity should automatically set to slightly smaller than the size of the USB drive. Then click “Start”. A warning will pop up – again, ensure you have selected the correct drive and if yes, click ok.

  • After a short while the message Format Complete will pop up. Click “Ok”, then select close on the format box.
  • Copy the below directories from the unzipped downloaded file to the USB disk drive just formatted above.

The key is now ready and can be removed and used as required.

2. Connect the USB keyboard, USB mouse and USB boot key to the USB hub, then connect the USB Hub to the PC USB socket on the screen (Item 20) 

3. Enter BIOS mode: Turn on the screen and on-board PC and hold down the “ESC” key on the USB keyboard. Ensure the PC is selected on the screen. Note, if “ESC” does not work and “F12” does, then this document is not applicable and your image may not be suitable – contact Avocor for more advice.

4. Choose “Boot Manager” and select the USB device to boot.

5. Now it will enter WINPE environment and flash OS automatically. This will take some time and will restart by itself.

6. Once it reboots into Windows, choose the OOBE mode and Click “OK” to restore the first page of Win10. (The action may need to be repeated 2 times)

7. Finally, the screen will show the start page of Win10.

8. Set up Windows as normal.

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