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Question:Using a Mimo display as a console with QuicklaunchAdded July 30, 2018


When using a Mimo display as a console with Quicklaunch, there are some configuration settings to choose from first.

The first option is to choose between flat and tabbed mode which can be done during the install or modified after.

The next option is to choose the behaviour. The most common configurations are outlined below:

Dynamic: when an action tile is pressed, the Quicklaunch main screen moves to ‘Toolbar/Dockview’ mode

Fixed: Quicklaunch remains in place at all times

Pinnable: used with ‘Flat’ mode, Quicklaunch has the option to be minimised

1. Quicklaunch is FIXED on the table top console and is DYNAMIC on the Main Display.

2. Microsoft Word is started by touch or click on either screen, Quicklaunch on the Main Display goes to Dock View and remains FIXED on the Console allowing users to still choose options.

Applications can run on top of Quicklaunch by choosing a layer. Quicklaunch can be minimised or Windowed on the Console when PINNABLE (Only available in flat mode)


If you want to use the Mimo display as a console that is always active in Tabbed mode (or in flat mode), amend the settings to ‘Fixed’ and ‘Normal’, or, if you want prompts to appear on top of the console, choose ‘Always in back’.

To do this, go to ‘Settings’ (Ctrl-Alt-S) and choose ‘Display’. Select the ‘Fullscreen’ tab and amends the settings to the below:

Layout -> ‘Tabbed’ or ‘Fixed’

Behaviours -> Fixed

Layer -> ‘Always in back’ (to receive prompts) or ‘Normal’

Then click ‘Save’

If you are using ‘Flat’ mode on the Console and would like the option to be able to minimise the Quicklaunch main window, choose ‘Pinnable’

Making a screen ‘Pinnable’ facilitates this by keeping Quicklaunch full screen on this monitor regardless of what is happening on other monitors. Unpinning a ‘Pinnable’ Quicklaunch screen allows it to be moved, minimised or resized just like any other desktop window. All of this can be configured in ‘Settings’

Available button options

The first button is the familiar ‘Minimise’ button. This minimised the Quicklaunch main screen and makes the entire screen of the console available for use.

The second button is ‘Pinnable’ and this scales the Quicklaunch main screen to a preset size so that it may be dragged to whatever position on the screen is most desired. This button is also used to restore Quicklaunch to full screen.

To do this, go to ‘Settings’ (Ctrl-Alt-S) and select ‘Display’. Then choose ‘Fullscreen’ and hit ‘Set Options’. Within this menu, amend the settings to the below:

Layout -> ‘Flat’

Behaviour -> ‘Fixed

Layer -> ‘Always on bottom’ or ‘Normal’

Then hit ‘Save’

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