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Due to issues in v4.5.3 of the Zoom Rooms client, it is highly recommended that the ALZ system be upgraded to the latest version of the Zoom Room client (4.6.1 or later) after being logged into a Zoom Room account. Please contact your organization's Zoom admin to push this upgrade through the Zoom admin portal. 


Before you begin, make sure that you have:

  • Either your Zoom Room credentials or the activation code for this meeting room.
  • A wall-mount or cart that supports the VESA pattern and weight associated with your Avocor ALZ Zoom Room solution.



Now, unpack the Logitech MeetUp from its box, and the Zoom Ready Avocor OPS, Avocor MeetUp power/data cable and Avocor MeetUp mount from the Avocor Accessory box.

Unclip and remove the top of the Avocor Interactive Display box, and peel down the plastic covers sot that the top, back and side-access connection panels are accessible. Leave the display here while assembling and connecting the components.



1. Mount the MeetUp

To mount the Logitech MeetUp, begin by using a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws from the display as shown below (two or three, depending on the display model). Affix the Logitech MeetUp mount to the display using the display specific screws within the Accessory box and Hex key provided to tighten. Connect the MeetUp to the mount using the slot on the foot of the MeetUp.

2. Install the Avocor Zoom ready OPS computer

  • Step 1: Remove the OPS slot shield on the display input panel

  • Step 2: Install the Avocor Zoom Ready OPS computer by sliding it into the OPS slot WITH THE FAN FACING OUT

  • Step 3: Secure the OPS computer into the slot using the screws that were removed earlier


3. Connect MeetUp to OPS computer

Connect the MeetUp to the OPS computer using the MeetUp power/data cable.


4. Mount Avocor display on wall-mount or cart

Mount the Avocor display on the wall or mobile solutions using hardware as defined in section 1 'Let's get started'


5. Power on display and OPS computer

  • Step 1: Connect the Avocor display to the wall power
  • Step 2: Power on the display with the rocker switch
  • Step 3: Power on the Zoom Ready OPS computer by pressing the power button located near the USB ports (a green light on the OPS will indicate that it is switched on and operational)
  • Step 4: Use the touch screen to follow the onscreen setup prompts (confirm language, region, keyboard, optional keyboard settings and accept Windows License Agreement)


Windows will complete the initial setup and may restart during this process before launching Zoom Rooms.



6. Complete Zoom Room configuration

When Windows Setup is complete, sign in with your Zoom Room credentials or use an activation code to complete the Zoom room configuration. For detailed instructions, please refer to this Zoom documentation


7. Setup is complete


Congratulations, your room is now ready for video meetings! If you need assistance, please contact Avocor SupportYou will need to provide the serial number (S/N) of the display located in one of the following places.

  • The rear of your Avocor display
  • The underside of the display bezel
  • In the information section of the on-screen menu


2 default accounts are created on the image, Zoom and ZoomAdmin. The default password for both is Zoom123.  ​

The system is set to autoboot into the Zoom account, you can switch accounts by hitting the Start button on a connected keyboard 5 times.


For support, please contact Avocor at: