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Question:How to extend or duplicate 2 interactive displays using an OPSAdded janvier 22, 2018


In order to use 2 Avocor interactive displays linked together for video and touch, you will require an Avocor OPS or 3rd party OPS with an ‘HDMI Out’ connection.


Please follow the below instructions:

  • Install and set up the OPS into the master display
  • Connect an HDMI cable from the ‘HDMI Out Port’ on the OPS to the ‘HDMI Input’ connection on the Second Display (i.e. HDMI 1)
  • Power on the Second Display and change the Source Input to that of the above step
  • Connect the USB Cable from the OPS using ‘USA Connection A’ to the ‘USB Connection B’ (Touch Input) on the Second Display
  • Setup your preferred Video Format as required (i.e. Extended Desktop or Duplicated Desktop)


Once you have your video layout set, you need to configure both displays for touch functionality.

  • Connect the USB keyboard to the OPS and select “Start”
  • Type “Control Panel” and select the application
  • Select the “Tablet PC Setting” option
  • Select “Setup” from the top of the Tablet PC Settings
  • Follow the onscreen instructions

Once complete, this should provide you with touch functionality on both displays.

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