avocor technologies

Collaboration Made Simple

We offer a range of collaborative software applications to work seamlessly with our innovative interactive displays. From intuitive teaching tools to collaborative white-boarding sessions, we have rthree unique applications designed to enhance every working and learning environment.  Whether the location is a classroom, lecture hall, huddle space or meeting room, Avocor's software offerings provide the perfect tools within a simple-to-use interface for increased productivity in every collaborative situation.


Quicklaunch is a simple and secure meeting room interface that provides multi-platform integration to transform any Avocor interactive display into a one-click meeting space. Create one-touch start meeting rooms based on the collaboration platform of your choice using either Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar.

OKTOPUS Software


OKTOPUS is the only local solution to work in native 4K straight out of the box and deliver high performance without an expensive dedicated graphics card. This unique feature allows you to create native 4K lessons, utilise the high-resolution user interface, easily import and use 4K content and experience the superfast pen with zero pixelation. Qwizdom OKTOPUS is an interactive teaching tool that has been designed to enhance teaching and boost student learning. Designed to work in a live environment which gives the teacher and student the ability to work over the top of any digital content or web browser. OKTOPUS has multiple subject areas, and over 60 subject-specific tools for teachers to choose from, enabling teachers to create engaging and interactive lessons.



Ximbus is a convenient and easy-to-use, web-based platform, allowing for lesson preparation & presentation, collaborative whiteboarding and integration with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. With 4 simple steps to collaboration – single sign-on, build a lesson, choose your contacts and then present, Ximbus gives teachers more control on how students navigate the lesson content, allowing for monitoring of student progress. Teachers can gather resources and prepare lessons using Google Drive files, Microsoft OneDrive files, YouTube videos, images, links, audio, maps & more and incorporates enriched classroom control, easy polling options, whiteboard functionality, and annotation tools.