avocor technologies

Different by design

Avocor has a stable, reliable platform that we stand behind with the best warranty in the industry, including advanced replacement. Avocor products use the latest technology, are upgradeable and uniquely offer interoperability with UC hardware and software tools. Unlike other solutions, Avocor has a long, proven history in collaboration display hardware and in manufacturing displays. We know that customers are looking for flexible solutions that maximize investments they already have.

Instead of making assumptions to what customers need and forcing them into a “one solution fits all” product, we look at our interactive displays as part of the solution that has to work with the hardware and software components that best suit each customer making each installation truly custom to exactly what you need. And unlike pre-bundled all-in-one solutions, Avocor has no fees or subscriptions. Instead you can simply use whatever software and Apps you already have and know, such as Zoom, Bluejeans, Skype or GoToMeeting.

A world of possibilities

At Avocor, we are dedicated to creating collaboration display technology that changes the way you work. We create solutions that are designed to provide an intuitive user experience that enables you to be more efficient and are affordable enough to be integrated into every workspace and learning space where you need to meet, learn or collaborate. We create solutions that enable you to accomplish more. With Headquarters based in the UK and US, Avocor is a global company operating in more than 40 countries worldwide. 

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