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Innovative display solutions that create collaborative learning environments

Avocor create interactive solutions, designed to enhance smart and effective collaboration. Built with simplicity and ease of use in mind, our display solutions help to improve productivity and learning outcomes, simultaneously preparing students for the modern workplace at the same time.

Avocor E Series

The Avocor E series combines cutting-edge, lightweight, LED technology with ultra-thin, optically bonded glass on a 4K, IR interactive display. With 20 points of ultra-fast touch, OPS slot and a wealth of connectivity via the Connect and Control bar, the Avocor E series represents an extremely high performing, yet cost-effective solution.

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The Avocor F50 interactive display range offers a unique combination of responsive display technology, pen and inking innovation, compelling design and seamless integration with 3rd party Unified Communications tools to deliver a display solution that is optimized for Windows 10 and delivers the ultimate collaborative experience.

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Windows collaboration display by Avocor created in partnership with Avocor
Windows collaboration displays by Avocor

The Avocor Windows collaboration displays enable Microsoft 365 at room scale, enhancing teamwork. The WCD by Avocor features a single-cable connection for seamless and simple laptop pairing, while the built-in IoT sensors connect to the Digital Twins Azure platform and measure environmental data like room temperature and light levels.

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“We are extremely impressed with the overall aesthetics of the Avocor solution and the writing experience of the Avocor Intelligent Touch is outstanding. London Met is a widening participation university with a lot of mature students, we need to invest in technology which is simple to grasp and in doing so, help to close the gap between the digital native and those who are less astute with interactive technology, Avocor helps us to do this”

Oliver Holmes, Deputy Director of Technology & Operations, London Metropolitan University


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Connect People Together

Built on an agnostic platform, Avocor interactive solutions enable users to connect people regardless of location using cloud-based applications such as Skype for Business, Google Hangout or Zoom easily and with no constraints to create an online environment that engages everyone, instantly.

Create your perfect solution

Designed to be completely flexible, Avocor interactive displays can be easily integrated with 3rd party hardware and software to create solutions that are tailored to needs today while providing a simple upgrade path for tomorrow’s teaching requirements.

Encourage team participation

Avocor interactive displays include innovative pen and ink functionality that delivers a superior writing experience that is as natural as putting pen to paper. Highly responsive, annotations are pixel perfect while object recognition differentiates between finger, pen and palm for an intuitive collaboration experience.

Extend group collaboration

Completely open and flexible, Avocor solutions offer seamless integration with a variety of cloud-based collaboration software platforms such as Nureva Span and Bluescape, enabling ideas to be created, shared and debated, together at the display in real-time, from 3rd party devices or across multiple locations via the cloud.

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We offer a range of collaborative software applications to work seamlessly with our innovative interactive displays. From intuitive teaching tools to collaborative white-boarding sessions, we have 4 unique applications designed to enhance every learning environment that provide a simple-to-use interface for increased productivity in every collaborative situation.

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oktopus logo

Create native 4K lesson content easily with Qwizdom OKTOPUS, an interactive teaching tool that enables users to create engaging and interactive lessons.

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Our unique white-boarding application giving users access to a library of backgrounds, images and icons to create compelling whiteboard content that can be shared easily. 

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Ximbus is a convenient, web-based platform for lesson preparation and presentation and collaborative white-boarding that provides seamless integration with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.  

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Quicklaunch is a simple and secure meeting room interface that provides multiplatform integration to transform any Avocor interactive display into a one-click meeting space that integrates directly with either Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar.

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