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Business is changing, the way people are working and the technology they are using is evolving fast.

Collaboration has become a buzzword; it is universally accepted that teams find better solutions than individuals. CoCreate is the ultimate collaboration and engagement software tool. It brings content, data and ideas into a single digital environment.

CoCreate transform the way people work today. It is creative, intuitive and collaborative.

When you get the right people in the right space with the right technology and access to the right information; faster decision happen. The outcomes are insightful, effective and transformational.

CoCreate is a software product used by many of the world’s top consultancies and professional services companies to accelerate teamwork and generate real changes in organisations as diverse as finance, automotive, consumer goods, creative services, NGOs and charitable organisations.


Get started fast

Start collaborating effectively with your customers, your clients, and your team within minutes. The software is intuitive and easy to use.

Create, show and share

Get more out of your existing content and people. Show multiple pieces of content simultaneously and capture your thinking in a clear visual and easy to digest format. Share this across teams for further development when you need it.

Have better meetings

Engage everyone in the room. Make faster decisions, generate more ideas, make your meetings enjoyable.

Make better decisions

Share a larger set of ideas, wisdom and judgements to make better decisions. Use companion iPad apps to gather contribution from the entire room, not just the loudest voices. People love what they create, solutions generated through collaboration have been shown to be more robust, and more likely to be widely adopted over a long term.

Engage your clients

Break the traditional one-way pitch. Work with your clients to build solutions they love. Use the software to capture their input and ideas. Ignite a conversation, and build a partnership.

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