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Avocor F Series

The F series range of interactive displays are the flagship range from Avocor that delivers seamless integration with 3rd party unified communications brands to create the ideal collaborative environment. 

Avocor F50 Series Lineup

F50 series

The F50 range which features dramatically thin, latest generation InGlass™ technology with 2mm optically bonded glass to deliver an incredibly smooth, pixel perfect experience.

Avocor F Series

Pixel Perfect Writing Experience 

Avocor F Series OPS Slot

Built in OPS Slot

Avocor and FlatFrog

FlatFrog InGlass Technology

Avocor F10 Series

F10 series

The award-winning F10 series with an in-built Windows 10 PC that delivers an instantly familiar user interface. Completely flexible and intuitive, easily integrate with a host of Unified Communication tools and devices.

Full 4K Resolution

Ultra HD Screen Resolution

Pixel Perfect Writing Experience

Windows 10 Built in

Avocor Command & Control Bar

Advanced Connect & Control Bar

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Image shown is the F6510 with Windows 10

Avocor F Series

Cleaning your interactive display

Top tips for the best way to clean and care for your display with Avocor x Austere Clean & Protect.