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105" displays 

The emergence and increased use of expanded interfaces and infinite canvas solutions have created greater demand for a much richer and more engaging experience, perfect for hybrid working, utilizing expanded visual display solutions that enable the applications' 21:9 screen ratio design elements.

Ultrawide, 21:9 displays

Solutions like Microsoft Teams Room's new Front Row experience takes advantage of the 21:9 ratio to deliver a more holistic meeting experience by using the additional screen real estate to serve up new video layouts and non-verbal components available within their room application.  Avocor’s range of 105” Ultrawide displays allows users to engage with and showcase more content, addressing the distinct challenges facing hybrid working in the modern workspace.
Ultra large displays  

Avocor 105" displays 

Avocor L series 

Enter into a new, expansive workable display area with Avocor’s L series of collaboration displays. The 105” solutions are available in two variations, touch and non-touch displays, the L series has been designed to deliver a rich and agnostic video conferencing experience at a wider scale, with integrated whiteboarding, smart sensors and curated applications. 
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