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To simplify updating the firmware on the Avocor display, the ALZ kit includes a USB drive preloaded with the latest firmware, and a utility that prepares the USB drive to install the firmware associated with your Avocor display model. Plug in and power on the display, and follow these steps to apply the firmware update.


  • Check your display model

You can confirm the model of your Avocor display in 2 locations:

.1. Check the tag on the back of the panel of your display

Avocor lable

2. Or, open the On Screen Display menu (OSD) using the Avocor remote, and navigate to the Information menu item

Avocor On Screen Display menu (OSD)

Why is this important? 

The firmware update utility contains firmware files unique to each Avocor display model and uploading the wrong file will cause problems with video. Any issues that occur by uploading the wrong firmware file can be fixed by uploading the correct one for your model: click here for more information


  • Prepare the USB drive

You will need a computer to prepare the correct file on your ALZ USB drive using the following steps. 

.1. Insert the USB drive into a USB port on your computer. 

2. Open the drive in your directory, and run the ALZprepUSB application.

USB directory


3. Select the Avocor ALZ display model you identified earlier, and click OK on the prompts that follow.

ALZ display model selection

Select OK on prompt 2

Select OK on prompt 3

The firmware update is now prepared and ready for installation. Eject the USB drive and unplug it from your computer.


  • Install the firmware

Use the following steps to install the firmware onto your Avocor display.

.1. Power off the display, and insert the USB drive into the Service Port on the side panel.

Service Port Connectivity

2. Power on the display, use the remote control to navigate to Adv. Settings > Firmware Update (USB) in the OSD, and press OK. 

Adv. Settings in the OSD menu

3. Choose Yes when prompted.

Select yes when prompted

4. Do not power off the display during the firmware installation process.

The display will restart to complete the process.


Recommended OPS power setting

To optimize the operation of your ALZ system, we recommend setting the OPS to always be powered despite the power state of the display. To do this:

  1. Use the Avocor remote to access the OSD.
  2. Navigate to Adv. Settings and set the OPS power state setting to Always on.
  3. Exit the OSD.


Want more details? 

Check out our knowledgebase for detailed release notes and guides on firmware installation.

If you uploaded the incorrect firmware... 

Repeat the USB drive preparation process, and upload the correct firmware file for your specific display model. If you can't see menus clearly on the screen, try uploading via the RS-232/Telnet method, as detailed in this article. If you need assistance, please contact Avocor Technical Support.



To make sure the MeetUp is on the latest version of firmware, you will have to download the latest firmware file from the Logitech support website. 

  1. Click here to reach the MeetUp downloads page on the Logitech support site.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click "Show all documents", and choose your operating system. 
  3. Download the latest version of the MeetUp Firmware Upgrade tool.
  4. Save the MeetUp Firmware Upgrade tool on a USB drive.
  5. Access the Zoom Admin account as explained in the Avocor ALZ Confirmation Guide. 
  6. Connect the USB drive to the ALZ OPS computer open the drive in the directory, and run the Firmware Upgrade tool application. 
  7. Click "Update now".
  8. Let the installation finish. Do not unplug the camera until it's done. 
  9. Log out of the Zoom Admin account and log into the Zoom account to relaunch the Zoom Room application. 


Logitech Sync makes it easy to support large-scale video developments while minimizing site visits and trouble tickets - all from a simple browser-based interface. Sync simplifies tasks like firmware updates and feature enablement, while an API and forward and forward-looking architecture establish a robust foundation for new insight and integrations. 

Sync is now available and recently added support for the Logitech Meetup included in your ALZ system. To install Sync on your ALZ system: 

  1. Click here to download the latest Logitech Sync application installer. 
  2. Save the LogiSyncInstaller_X.X.XXX.exe file on a USB drive.
  3. Access the Zoom Admin account as explained in the Avocor ALZ Configuration Guide.
  4. Connect the USB drive to the ALZ OPS computer, open the drive in the directory, and run the Logitech Sync Installer. 
  5. When Sync installation is complete it will open and you can log into your organization's account.
  6. When Sync configuration is complete, log out of the Zoom Admin account and log into the Zoom account to relaunch the Zoom Room application. 


Avocor values tour privacy and security, so your ALZ OPS computer is not configured to share your location data by default. This may lead to the Zoom Room software showing the incorrect time, to set the time to the correct zone:

  1. Access the Zoom Admin account as explained in Section 4 of the Avocor ALZ Configuration Guide. 
  2. Open "Adjust date/time" settings in the Windows taskbar or open Windows Settings and click "Time & Language".
  3. Manually set your time zone or elect to enable the time zone to be automatically set. 
  4. Log out of the Zoom Admin account and log into the Zoom account to relaunch the Zoom Room application. 


It is highly recommended to push the latest Zoom Room software to your new ALZ system after installation and setup, to ensure all the latest fixes and features are enabled in your new Zoom Room. The simplest way to update the Zoom Room client is from the admin portal at zoom.us (administrator privileges are required).

  1. Log into zoom.us and click "My Account" on the top right of the homepage. 
  2. On the left-hand navigation column, expand "Room Management" and click "Zoom Rooms".
  3. Click on the Room Name of the Zoom Room account your new ALZ system is logged into. 
  4. Check the "App Version" column, if an upgrade is available, click the "Upgrade" link to begin the process. This process can take 15-20 minutes from starting the upgrade and will be complete after the Zoom Room client has restarted. 

Upgrade options that are available

For support, please contact Avocor at: