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Over the last few years, Microsoft has consistently transformed the way that people live, work, play, and connect through great technology. They are inspired by the genuine belief that they can change the world for the better.

Both Avocor and Microsoft understand that the most effective businesses have a team-based, collaborative culture and are focused on enabling creativity and productivity. And companies that promote collaborative working are five times as likely to be high performing. In the modern workplace, teams come in all sizes and can be local or spread across the globe. To enable teamwork, you need tools that empower people to seamlessly connect in a huddle room, conference room, or in any team space.

In 2016, the market-leading global manufacturer of technology introduced their own interactive display – the Microsoft Surface Hub – to the corporate market. Designed to help teams in the modern workplace collaborate and create, increasing productivity, it took the world by storm and in 9 months was implemented around the globe in 24 counties.

In June 2018, Microsoft announced a new category of teamwork devices: Windows collaboration displays. These large, interactive displays will let people experience Microsoft 365 collaboration tools: Office, Teams, and Whiteboard at room scale, and include built-in sensors that can connect to Azure IoT spatial intelligence capabilities. This incredible technology will allow facility managers to utilize environmental data to make real-time decisions.

With the brand new technology category launched, we worked closely with Microsoft to bring the world’s first-ever Windows collaboration display to market, enabling Microsoft 365 at room-scale, letting teams connect, collaborate and perform better than ever before.

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Connect to the cloud

Utilise the environmental data collected via the built-in sensors that connect to Azure Digital Twins, to make real-time adjustments and future room and investment planning

Single-cable connection

Immediately and intelligently connect any PC to the display via a single Type C cable. Transmitting 4K video, touch, USB control, hard-wired ethernet and power for fast, frustration free use.

Windows collaboration displays come with integrated conference cameras, microphones and speakers

Ultimate collaboration

Through the integrated premium conference camera, stereo speakers and the active, far-field microphone array, the Windows collaboration display from Avocor enables you to connect and engage with colleagues across the globe using a variety of Unified Communications based software for the ultimate audio experience

Incredibly responsive with pixel-perfect touch

Combining crisp 4K resolution with 20-point touch offers exceptionally responsive and pixel-perfect touch, pen and inking capabilities with all Microsoft 365 collaboration tools at room scale, backed by the intelligent Azure cloud

Avocor Windows collaboration display (WCD)

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Avocor Windows collaboration display and Workspace Intelligence

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Avocor with Microsoft Teams Room and Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500

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Windows collaboration display

Avocor W6555

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F50 series

Avocor F50 series

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