Avocor Aquarius WorkSpace Intelligence leverages data gathered from Avocor W series displays with integrated Azure certified IoT sensors and Microsoft 365 analytics to provide a cost-effective way to collect and turn meeting room data into insights that are vital to space planning and reporting. Avocor Aquarius is a subscription-based service that provides real-time business intelligence of meeting spaces usage, display, and environmental data. Those analytics are delivered in a simple-to-read, real-time dashboard. These powerful analytics then contribute to meeting room well-being and can be leveraged by Enterprise IT and facility management to make essential decisions about current and future space management and to identify real-time cost savings and how to maximize facility and hardware ROI.

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Easy to deploy
Avocor Aquarius subscription-based software is fast and secure to deploy and does not require extensive sensor deployment, custom development, or service contracts.
Easy to digest data
Avocor Aquarius makes it easy for management and facilities teams to compare and analyze meeting room utilization enabling timely data-driven decisions to support and modify meeting spaces, ensuring maximized space ROI.
Simple to manage
Upgrades are delivered Over-The-Air (OTA), meaning your software is always up-to-date and optimal, making the process far more productive for IT teams
Extensive variety of data
Avocor Aquarius had a vast amount of data that can be analyzed, including presence detection, attendee impact on room temperature, humidity, and light conditions.

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