A flexible, scaleable and modular alterative to elevate your meeting spaces.

Elevate your workspace into an collaboration powerhouse

Created in partnership with leading video collaboration brands, Avocor CollabTouch is designed to deliver an exceptional interactive experience across your entire meeting space estate and integrates seamlessly with your UC platform of choice, enabling intuitive, interactive video collaboration.

Transform your collaborative meetings with Avocor CollabTouch, designed for every space—from cozy huddle rooms to expansive executive conference rooms. Experience the power of seamless connectivity, ensuring every participant, no matter their location, enjoys unmatched audio clarity and lifelike video.




Avocor CollabTouch

Purpose-built components to enable collaboration

Combining the power of Avocor’s interactive displays with the superior strength of video collaboration from global brands Logitech and Jabra, CollabTouch delivers a flexible, scalable and modular design with an array of options suitable for every size of room or use case. The end result is an outstanding and consistent experience across every meeting space in your organization. 

Avocor Collabtouch with Logitech
Avocor collabtouch

How to install avocor collabtouch series

Avocor Collabtouch with Jabra

Discover unmatched adaptability with Avocor CollabTouch, available in configurations from a compact 55” to an expansive 105”. Tailor your tech with four specification levels to perfectly fit any meeting environment. A single cable powers each setup and utilizes our proprietary mounting bracket, making installation quick and straightforward. CollabTouch outperforms traditional all-in-one displays, providing superior performance across a diverse range of spaces.

Future-proof your meeting rooms with CollabTouch’s modular design. Upgrade components as needed to keep pace with your business’s evolving demands. This flexibility extends the life of your investment and allows your technology to advance alongside your hybrid workforce, ensuring you're always at the cutting edge of collaboration technology.

Scale effortlessly with CollabTouch’s cloud-based, remote management capabilities. Empower your IT, FM, and AV teams with advanced tools for monitoring and managing technology across your organization. Should any component encounter issues, its modular nature allows for swift replacements, minimizing downtime and maintaining productivity in your meeting spaces.

Avocor CollabTouch in partnership with Logitech

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Avocor CollabTouch in partnership with Jabra

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Avocor CollabTouch
Avocor CollabTouch

In-Call whiteboard and on-screen annotation

Elevate your meetings with Avocor CollabTouch’s in-call whiteboard and on-screen annotation features. Foster real-time collaboration and brainstorming, regardless of where participants are located. This powerful tool accelerates decision-making and enhances meeting outcomes by allowing team members to interact dynamically and visually right in the moment.

Avocor CollabTouch

Available on your favorite Avocor displays

Enjoy the ultimate flexibility with Avocor CollabTouch, available across our beloved interactive displays. Choose the perfect match for your space and needs, and be secure in the knowledge that every Avocor display integrates seamlessly with CollabTouch technology. Bring the power of enhanced collaboration to every meeting with displays designed for the modern workplace.

Avocor CollabTouch

Choose the perfect combination for your environment

Avocor H Series

The H Series blends sleek design with powerful features for seamless workspace integration. Ideal for collaboration, it boasts immersive PCAP touch capabilities, user-friendly interfaces, and easy compatibility with Lenovo ThinkSmart. Enhancing both form and function, it's the perfect choice for businesses looking to elevate their collaborative spaces.

E Series

Avocor E Series

The Avocor E Series variation is a workhouse, featuring IR touch technology with zero parallax glass for a seamless collaboration experience that is enhanced with object recognition, intelligently differentiating between finger (mouse), stylus (pen) and palm (eraser).

Avocor G Series

The premium performance of the G series utilizes InGlassTM touch technology for a crisp and pixel-perfect interactive display, bringing a frictionless collaboration and interactive environment to your meeting spaces. With object recognition and palm rejection, this sleek bezel-less design ensures the design and user experience are of the highest quality.

Avocor E92 Series

The Avocor E92 interactive touch screen display revolutionizes meeting environments with its 92-inch ultra-wide LCD display and 21:9 aspect ratio, eliminating the need for dual-monitor setups and expanding interactive workspaces.

Avocor L Series

Avocor L Series

The Avocor L Series redefines collaboration with its 105” ultra-wide display, tailored for Microsoft Teams integration. Offering immersive experiences across diverse settings, from boardrooms to classrooms, it fosters creativity and engagement. With intuitive navigation and versatile functionality, it enhances productivity in brainstorming, data analysis, and team connections. 


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