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Avocor Collabtouch

Created in partnership with Logitech, Avocor CollabTouch delivers an exceptional interactive experience for all your meeting spaces, working seamlessly with the UC platform of your choice including Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Teams and RingCentral. 
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Avocor in partnership with Logitech
Avocor CollabTouch
Avocor CollabTouch
Avocor, RingCentral, Zoom, Microsoft Teams

Enable interactivity in rooms on your UC platform of choice*

With options suitable for small meeting spaces and executive offices to large meeting and conference rooms, CollabTouch removes the barriers of poor video meetings, enabling everyone attending the meeting to experience crystal-clear audio and video, regardless of whether they are joining the meeting remotely or are present in the room.

*Dependent on UC platform features.

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Avocor CollabTouch

Purpose-built components to enable interactive collaboration

Combining the power of Avocor’s interactive displays with the collaborative strength of highly popular Logitech meeting room solutions, such as the Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini. CollabTouch provides a flexible, scalable and modular design with an array of options suitable for any room size or needs, resulting in an all-in-one technology solution that delivers an outstanding meeting experience, regardless of room size.

Easy to use and easy to install, CollabTouch is available in seven room configurations ranging from 55” - 86”, and provides an exceptional out-of-the-box collaboration solution suitable for every meeting room and the all-in-one configurations utilize a single power cable for a quick and easy installation experience.

The E series variation is the workhorse performance of the range, featuring IR touch technology with Zero parallax glass for a seamless collaboration experience that is enhanced with object recognition, intelligently differentiating between finger (mouse), stylus (pen) and palm (eraser).

The premium performance of the G series utilizes the latest InGlass touch technology for a crisp and pixel-perfect interactive display, bringing a frictionless collaboration and interactive environment to your meeting spaces. With object recognition and palm rejection, this sleek bezel-less design ensures the design and user experience are of the highest quality.
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Utilizing the interactive functionality of the Avocor display, CollabTouch allows call joining and management directly from the display. Getting video meetings started has never been easier.


Take team collaboration to the next level with the ability to whiteboard during your meetings, accelerating productivity and meeting outcomes.


Unlike other all-in-one solutions, CollabTouch offers a range of sizes to suit every meeting space or budget.


Logitech management application (Logitech Sync) meets the needs of any size IT organization to deploy CollabTouch at scale.


CollabTouch components can be upgraded individually to accommodate the changing needs of any user/organization/space. This enables individual components to be repurposed, extending the life of your technology investment.


Containing a proprietary mounting bracket and a unique single cable that powers CollabTouch, the solution can be easily deployed in a wide range of spaces.


Tap into a host of content to further your UC platform experience.


Choose the optimal configuration for any space or use case. Feature, size and TAA-compliant options enable unique flexibility.

Cleaning your interactive display 

Our recommended way to clean and care for your Avocor displays  - Austere Clean & Protect.
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Avocor G Series
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