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Google Meet
Series One Desk 27 
by avocor

The Google Meet Series One Desk 27, developed and designed by Avocor and Google, is making collaboration personal. It’s a premium all-in-one touchscreen Google Meet device, desk monitor, laptop docking station, and digital whiteboard.
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Google Meet start

Handsfree Google AI “Hey Google, start my meeting”


Smooth, tilting all-glass surface for whiteboarding

USBC for Laptop

All-in-one camera, TrueVoice audio, mic

Series one Desk 27

Immersive, effortless, and approachable, Desk 27 is a game changer for meeting equity at the desktop.

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Avocor and Google
Series one Desk 27

your personal meeting device and digital whiteboard, your desktop monitor and laptop dock.

Optimized for Google Meet, Desk 27 can also be used with any conferencing service. Through a single USB-C cable to your laptop, Desk 27 connects camera, microphones, speaker, power, and laptop control and extends out to a second monitor. 

A single tap is all it takes - Google Meet works with Google Calendar, so your next meeting is already on screen.  Just sit down and tap Desk 27 to get your meeting started.

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Avocor and Google
Google Series One Desk 27
Avocor and Google Series One Desk 27

series one desk 27

Clean and uncluttered, with an integrated soundbar and compute system, all you need is  power and Ethernet, keeping your desktop tidy and clean.Thoughtfully built by Avocor and Google for you. Aesthetically pleasing, Desk 27 can be wall mounted  or sit on a desktop. The adjustable tilting stand makes meeting and whiteboarding comfortable  from any angle.

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Google Series One Desk 27

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