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85" & 86" displays 

Avocor’s largest interactive display platforms come in 85” and 86” large display screen options, designed for the largest meeting rooms. There are x3 different series available, each delivering natural collaboration with up to 20x touch points for an immersive experience.  
Avocor 85" & 86" Solutions  

Large Interactive Display Screens by Avocor 

Avocor 85” G series  

The Avocor G series large format display combines the very latest touch technology with a 4K display and superior quality integrated audio, with a stunning, sleek, bezel-less design, delivering an intuitive collaboration experience. The perfect solution for corporate meeting rooms, our G series enhances your meeting space to create a five-star experience for users. 
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Avocor 86” E series  

Utilizing infra-red display technology, our E series large touch screen display is a cost-effective solution and incorporates ultra-fast touchpoints for a pixel-perfect touch functionality with edge-swipe functionality for a tablet-like experience. 
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Avocor 86” ALZ series  

If your organization has standardized on Zoom video conferencing, then our ALZ series large display screen is the ideal platform to deliver completely frictionless communication that connects teams all over the world and enables them to get more done. 
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