Avocor in partnership with Microsoft

Enhance your Teams experience with Avocor

If your organization has standardized on Microsoft Teams, the investment in technology to enable teamwork and empower people to seamlessly connect in any room or team space is paramount to business success. 

Avocor has a range of solutions to enhance your Teams experience in the office, remotely or anywhere where work needs to be done. From 105" 21:9 displays, perfect for Microsoft Front Row, to all-in-one solutions that meet the exacting requirements for high-quality Teams calls, standardizing on Avocor ensures users enjoy an immersive Teams experience regardless of location. 

Avocor CollabTouch

Created in partnership with Logitech, Avocor CollabTouch delivers an exceptional interactive experience for all your meeting spaces, working seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. 

L series

The 105”, 21:9 solutions are available in two variations, touch and non-touch displays. Designed to deliver a rich and agnostic video conferencing experience at a wider scale.

W series

Featuring an integrated, high-quality conference camera, microphone array and speakers, the W series is the ideal platform to create the perfect Microsoft Teams video collaboration environment.
Avocor W Series
Large Interactive Displays

Create immersive Microsoft Teams environments with Avocor displays

Avocor W series

Ideal for focus and small meeting rooms, corporate and home offices, both the Teams-certified 65" WCD and the all-in-one 55" display offers an integrated, high-quality conference camera with a microphone array and audio optimized for use with Microsoft Teams. The Avocor W series is the ideal platform to create the perfect video collaboration environment.
Avocor & Microsoft

Avocor CollabTouch

With options suitable for small meeting spaces and executive offices to large meeting and conference rooms, CollabTouch removes the barriers of poor video meetings, enabling everyone attending the meeting to experience crystal-clear audio and video, regardless of whether they are joining the meeting remotely or are present in the room.
Avocor & Microsoft

Avocor L series

Immerse yourself in the Ultrawide 21:9  display from Avocor, perfect for enhancing your Microsoft Front Row experience. Enter into a new, expansive workable display area with Avocor’s 105" L series of collaboration displays. Available in two variations: 40 point PCAP technology interactive touch displays and non-touch displays.

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