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Video conferencing has accelerated dramatically in today’s learning environments. Thanks to video conferencing apps, such as Google Meet, Zoom, RingCentral and Microsoft Teams, students are able to extend their learning outside of the classroom. At the forefront of interactive touch technology that enables an all-digital classroom is Avocor. Our immersive solutions work seamlessly with all video collaboration applications to provide an intuitive environment that is designed to provide the most powerful teaching tool in the classroom and to provide students who are remote the most effective way to see, hear and participate. Built with simplicity and ease of use in mind, Avocor interactive display solutions for schools improve productivity and accelerate learning.  

Why Avocor in Education environments  

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Stunning visuals that deliver crystal clear content 

Avocor interactive displays for education feature 4K screen resolution, bringing content to life with stunning visuals and crystal-clear clarity, creating a more engaging experience for students.  

Encourage class communication 

Our displays utilize Avocor Intelligent Touch technology, delivering a superior writing experience that is just like putting pen to paper. Annotations are intuitive with palm, pen, and finger recognition for smooth transitions. 

Keep teams trained without any travel 

Avocor classroom interactive displays are the closest thing to being a meeting room together. They are simply the perfect video conferencing solution for education. Many of the universities we work with use the Avocor displays to keep up-to-date on accreditation, faculty training, and to hold faculty meetings, whether you're across the campus, across the state, or across the globe, we ensure you can see, hear and participate in any type of a meeting or lecture. 

Avocor works with everything 

Avocor collaboration solutions for education work seamlessly with all video apps and hardware devices to let you create a totally custom solution for your needs, enabling users to access familiar applications such as Google Classroom, O365, and PowerPoint. 

Our displays feature a wealth of connectivity for seamless teaching and learning 

All Avocor displays feature a wealth of connectivity options, including front of display ports (ideal for teacher/guest laptop devices) and rear connection inputs including 4K HDMI, RS232, Ethernet, and Display ports, enabling rich content to deliver more immersive lessons and training. 

Peace-of-mind warranty for the lifecycle of your investment 

Avocor delivers enhanced warranty options for education to ensure that you have peace of mind for lesson continuity. 
“Everyone is so used to using touch technology in their personal lives every day and we wanted to try and replicate that experience using Avocor displays, we wanted to try and find a solution which moved our students away from independent, personalized learning to a more collaborative learning environment for our pupils – Avocor was the solution.”
Daniel Hawkins, Headmaster, Child’s Hill Primary School, Barnet, London
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G series | High performing display, beautifully engineered with sleek design 

The Avocor G series enhances active learning spaces with it’s spectacularly sleek, 4” thin bezel-free design and USB Type-C cable, connecting 4K video, audio, USB touch, Ethernet, and power through a single cable. Built-in sensors turn off the display when users are not in the room, making the G series a sustainable environmental solution. Our G series also features Avocor UiQ, our smart, touch-enabled user interface that delivers source preview and menu settings for remote control free usage. 
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W series | All-in-one design for an out of the box solution 

For seminar learning rooms, the W series delivers an all-in-one, integrated solution with an in-built video camera, microphone array, and soundbar. With 2 options available in the range, the W series features our 65” WCD, the world’s first display certified for Microsoft Teams, and a 55” option, both optimized for use with all UC platforms including Zoom, Google Meet, RingCentral and Microsoft Teams. 
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E series | Cost effective solution for every learning space 

Popular across education, our E series is designed for multiple touchpoints on the display, perfect for class collaboration. Combining cutting-edge, LED technology with ultra-thin, optically bonded glass, the E series is optimized for Windows 10 and features edge-swipe functionality for a familiar tablet-like experience for students. 
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Avocor CollabTouch series | Top of the class in any video conferencing software 

For those environments requiring interactive whiteboarding, video conferencing and content sharing into learning environments. The Avocor CollabTouch series combines an Avocor interactive screen for business with a Logitech Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini camera, delivering an exceptional interactive experience in your learning environment with your UC Platform of choice. 
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