Large Format Display with Modular Design for Memorable Audience Experiences.

Elevating Audience Engagement

The X Series takes visual communication to new heights, combining large-format displays with a modular, easy-to-deploy design. Ideal for captivating audiences in varied settings, it features stunning visual clarity, user-friendly functionality, and innovative modular construction for hassle-free setup. Tailored for impactful presentations and dynamic interactions, the X Series is the perfect tool for organizations looking to impress and engage their audience in corporate, educational, or entertainment environments.

Ultra slim screen

High Integration Design

Seamless Integration


The Avocor X Series breaks new ground in display technology. With its innovative tiled wall design, available in 132” and 138” sizes, it overcomes traditional installation challenges, making it perfect for any space. This series isn't just about size; it's about transforming environments with a brilliant, seamless visual experience, ideal for places where lighting and visual impact are key. It's more than a display—it's a bold statement in visual innovation.

Avocor X Series
Avocor X Series
Avocor X Series
Avocor X Series
Design and Display
Seamless Integration
Flexibility and Vivid Imagery

The X series is designed to wow your audience by delivering consistently crisp, captivating visuals. This display is designed with multiple functionalities including wireless screen sharing, digital signage, and multiple inputs, reducing the need for external devices and ensuring high performance.

The X Series is designed for straightforward and quick setup. Each LED tile seamlessly integrates with the others to form a larger, cohesive and stunning visual display. This tiled approach allows for the creation of expansive and visually impressive screens without the complexity and labor associated with large scale installations.

Offering unparalleled adaptability and stunning visual clarity, the X Series meets diverse spatial needs while maintaining exceptional image quality. It's perfect for any setting requiring impactful, high-resolution displays. It boasts superior image quality, bringing presentations and content to life with rich, vibrant colors and crystal-clear resolution, making it an ideal choice for environments where visual impact is paramount.

Avocor X Series
Avocor X Series


The X Series stands out with its powerful built-in processor, mirroring the efficiency of Avocor's renowned display range. This feature ensures seamless integration with various UC technologies, making it ideal for dynamic presentations, collaborative workspaces, and interactive educational content. With its HDMI input, the X Series offers easy plug-and-play compatibility, enhancing user experience in any collaborative environment.
Avocor X Series

Seamless performance, all in one design, superior function.


Innovative Pixel Precision: The X Series boasts a single SMD pixel configuration, offering detailed clarity with a pixel pitch of 1.5mm for the 138" and 1.27mm for the 132" model, ensuring sharp images at every size.

Immersive Screen Resolution: Experience full HD on the 138" with 1920x1080 resolution, and ultra-wide display on the 132" with 2400x1080 resolution.

Modular Build: Composed of 5x5 modules for the 138" and 5x4 for the 132", the X Series is engineered for a seamless viewing canvas.

Expansive Screen Dimensions: Large in presence, the screens measure at 3064mm in width, with heights tailored to each size, all within a slim 31mm depth.

Optimal Viewing Experience: Designed with a recommended viewing distance for full immersive impact and constructed with lightweight, durable die-cast magnesium for ease of installation.


Superior Viewing Angles: Wide 160° horizontal and 140° vertical angles ensure consistent visibility across spaces.

Color Excellence: High contrast ratio of 6500:1 and 16-bit processing depth deliver a rich, vibrant color spectrum.

Uniform Brilliance: Achieve 98% brightness uniformity and precise color consistency with adjustable color temperature control.

Electrical and Operational Efficiency

Smart Power Consumption: Energy-efficient with maximum consumption at 1.87KW for the 138" and 1.84KW for the 132", and average usage considerably lower.

High Refresh Rates: With a refresh rate of 3,840 Hz, motion is rendered flawlessly for an engaging audience experience.

Enduring Performance: The X Series is built to last, offering over 100,000 hours of half-brightness life, reliable in a range of conditions.


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