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Avocor creates innovative collaboration display solutions designed for every application and every budget. Whether you are looking for technology to improve team engagement, create meeting equity for remote meeting participants, or create a more immersive, collaboration environment that inspires productivity, Avocor has a solution to meet your requirements.

Products that work with everything.

From Google Meet to Zoom, WebEx, RingCentral and Microsoft Teams, Avocor commercial displays efficiently run video meetings, use whiteboards, and share your content through any software provider. We understand the challenge of deploying the right equipment into the right space size and then making sure they work flawlessly however you need them to. That includes getting meetings started on time, every time. Our interactive displays, available in a vast range of sizes from the desktop to the large meeting rooms, use the latest industry innovations including single-cable connectivity, proximity sensors, and object recognition, enabling users to experience the benefit of meetings that flow naturally.

Avocor meeting equity

Meeting equity

The adoption of video conferencing along with growth in hybrid workforces has created a need for meeting equity. What that means is everyone in the meeting, regardless of their location, can see, hear, whiteboard, and participate and contribute when they’re remote just as easily as they could if they were in the same room together. And that’s exactly what Avocor business displays are designed to do - enable every teammate, whether remote or in-person, to have a seat at the table.

Avocor making collaboration easy

Team collaboration

Incredibly innovative, Avocor corporate display solutions include Avocor Intelligent Touch, delivering a superior writing experience that is as smooth as putting pen to paper. Fast and precise, our corporate displays differentiate easily between pen, finger, and palm, creating a fluid collaboration experience for all.

Avocor walk up and use technology

easy to use

Intuitive and simple to use, our display screens for business include ultra-fast inking touch performance that supports up to 20 individual touchpoints and 4 passive pens, enabling a high performance, realistic writing experience that is as natural as putting pen to paper while object recognition easily distinguishes between pen, finger, and palm.


To ensure a robust, seamless solution that works instantly and intuitively, we design, test, and deploy solutions with collaboration leaders, HP, Lenovo, Logitech, and others, so hardware will never slow your meeting.


With sizes ranging from 27” to 105”, Avocor has a solution for every space, from executive and home offices, to huddle spaces, meeting rooms, or boardrooms, whatever space you are looking to upgrade, Avocor has the right solution for you.
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Google Meet Series One Board 65 and Avocor


Avocor business displays deliver flexibility for your users, whether you are looking for a solution where teams can get meetings started quickly using a single cable option or through an OPS PC from brands like HP or Lenovo to turn your display into a one-touch to join and ensures your investment is upgradeable to provide additional security and storage.
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“Employee collaboration is a top priority for us. As an international company, it's difficult to work hand-in-hand with co-workers when you haven't met them, but Avocor is really helping bring us all closer together and work at peak efficiency. Currently, we have Avocor commercial displays with Intel OPS compute running Microsoft 365 in every conference room, huddle room, and some executive offices in Denver, with more than 300 displays between our two buildings. Wherever a meeting takes place that has a connection - we want an Avocor.”

Tom Oriel, IT Manager, Western Union


Avocor L Series  

Avocor’s L Series enables users to engage with more content than ever before, expanding the display area to a breath-taking 105” canvas at an ultra-wide scale. Beautifully engineered and visually stunning, these 21:9 displays offer touch and non-touch options. 

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Avocor E92 

This interactive display simplifies meeting room setups, maximizes space utilization, and offers comprehensive connectivity options, making it an essential tool for effective collaboration.  

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Avocor K Series 

For businesses seeking to enhance their communication with high-definition displays for lobbies, meeting rooms, and common areas, the Avocor K Series delivers unparalleled clarity and color accuracy, making every message stand out. 

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Avocor H Series 

Avocor's H Series redefines workspace integration, merging ultra-thin bezel elegance with top-tier functionality. Designed for dynamic interactivity, the H Series enhances both the aesthetic and functional aspects of professional environments, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to elevate their collaborative capabilities 

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Avocor CollabTouch Series  

Enable interactivity in rooms on your UC platform of choice with Avocor’s CollabTouch Series ,created in partnership with Logitech. CollabTouch offers a modular approach to collaboration solutions that enable scalability, working seamlessly with all UC platforms, including Teams, Zoom and RingCentral. 

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Avocor G Series  

Avocor’s G Series features sleek, edge-to-edge glass, designed to enhance workplace collaboration and feature the latest InGlass touch technology.  

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Avocor E Series 

Avocor’s E Series combines a smooth, accurate writing experience with superior IR glass technology, available in a range of size options for every room size or space, ranging from 55" to 86", making the E Series a cost-effective, but high performing interactive display solution.  

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Avocor W Series 

Avocor’s W Series is a 55”, all-in-one display that features an integrated, high-quality camera with a microphone array and audio functionality that is optimized for all UC platforms and is ideal for focus rooms and small meeting spaces. 

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Google Meet Series One by Avocor 

Deliver meeting equality with an intuitive solution Google Meet Series One by Avocor displays bring teams together for more efficient, equitable, and intuitive collaboration. These interactive touch displays, available in 27" and 65" options, seamlessly connects both in-person and remote meeting attendees – enabling everyone in the room or on a call – to see, hear, and contribute to meetings, brainstorming sessions, and impromptu huddle sessions equally. 

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Avocor GroupShare is a subscription-based software for Avocor interactive displays that eliminates technology complications associated with shared meeting spaces, enabling hybrid-working organizations to keep their meeting spaces secure and flexible. 

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Helping IT and AV managers simplify the management of multiple collaboration solutions across global sites with FUSE, our new free cloud-based software management platform that enables IT/ AV and Facilities teams to remotely deploy, configure and manage Avocor solutions at scale, from anywhere in the world, dramatically improving efficiencies while reducing overheads. 

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Austere Clean & Protect is a professional quality display cleaner that's perfectly formulated to care for all of your devices. A gentle blend of cleaning ingredients to produce an anti-bacterial, ammonia-free solution that will eradicate germs and eliminate static build-up. 

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Designed to transform any Avocor Interactive Display into an all-in-one touch PC powerhouse, offering an unrivaled no-cable experience, and enhanced aesthetics and functionality. 

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For the daily collaborators looking to elevate their touch screen experiences with power and precision, this OPS delivers 4K clarity at unmatched speeds to enhance interactivity.  

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Built for high performance, this is the perfect companion for the Avocor L Series 105 21:9 display, this OPS not only promises but also delivers unparalleled 5K performance. 

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