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Although your organization may have standardized on one specific platform, it's highly likely that your teams may have to engage with other teams on other platforms. How can you create an environment that enables your users to move seamlessly between platforms with limited downtime and impact on productivity? Avocor GroupShare, a subscription-based, one-touch meeting room user software interface for Avocor interactive displays. Delivering easy and secure access to Microsoft 365 applications and custom interfaces, GroupShare enables simple control when you need a one-touch start for multiple video conferencing apps, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. 

Why Avocor for multi-platforms and applications 

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Seamless integration 

Integrating Avocor GroupShare on all your Avocor displays provides an easy and consistent meeting experience making it easy and intuitive to connect and collaborate from every room and display.  

Preconfigured for Microsoft 365 

Avocor GroupShare for Microsoft 365 comes preconfigured for the Microsoft enterprise. It features Microsoft Office 365 authentication and room resource calendar integration, one-click accessibility of the Microsoft 365 personal calendar, OneDrive access, and secure, wireless screen-sharing. 


Start meetings quickly with a single touch of a button. This one-touch video call interface provides access to commonly used collaboration applications within your organization. 

Integrated Room Calendar 

The Integrated room calendar allows users to see every meeting scheduled in the room for that day, enabling quick and easy meeting management. 

Wireless screen sharing 

Wireless screen sharing functionality allows users to share their content from a personal device without the need to pass cables or swap dongles, all with the single touch of a button. 

Hassel-free personal sign in  

Hassle-free sign-in to user’s personal Microsoft O365 via the QR code. Scan the barcode to gain access to personal calendars and OneDrive, allowing users to launch meetings and content quickly. 

Consistent experience 

Ability to provide a consistent meeting room experience throughout the organization with easy-to-deploy templates that can be exported and imported to every display. 

Avocor solutions for multi-platform and applications 

GroupShare by Avocor | The fastest and easiest way to manage meetings. 

Avocor GroupShare provides easy and secure one-touch access to Microsoft 365 applications, custom interfaces, the room calendar, and videoconferencing. Secure, Fast, Awesome. 
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