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Equipping shared meeting spaces with the necessary technology to meet the needs of all team members can be difficult. Now they must meet the needs of the hybrid workforce too, and many users and AV managers will feel they lack the tools to make the switch.

Today, not all users know how to use the available meeting room technology effectively. Entering meeting rooms with different AV setups and configurations can be daunting.
Not to mention time-consuming. Users are often unable to start meetings quickly and access meeting content securely. For organizations that have not standardized on a single Video Conference platform, it can be even more of a challenge to start and join meetings. 
Unfortunately, “leave it as you found it” isn’t a universal rule for meeting rooms. Through no fault of their own, users can be guilty of changing the settings of meeting displays or accessing parts of the operating system they shouldn’t. Worse than that, users can leave confidential data on the displays for the next meeting participants to find. 


Avocor GroupShare is a subscription-based software for Avocor interactive displays that eliminates technology complications associated with shared meeting spaces. The solution provides a consistent and simple-to-navigate user experience while giving AV and IT managers the tool to keep their meeting spaces flexible and secure.  

GroupShare can be customized with your favorite productivity apps and URLs for one-touch launching and a consistent experience in every meeting space. With the displays in kiosk mode, you will guide users to the tools they need and prevent them from gaining access to the Windows system. 
The simple-to-navigate user interface makes life easier for those wanting to start meetings quickly and securely using the video conference and collaboration tools of their choice. One-tap join video calls to Microsoft Teams and Zoom. GroupShare is also compatible with Webex, BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, and Google Meet and more.
Crucially, GroupShare comes with multiple security features. Displays are locked down, safe and secure. As standard GroupShare comes with built-in security options that remove cached data, close applications, and clean up the device between meetings you can ensure everything that happens in the meeting stays between the meeting participants, and those looking to start the next meeting turn up to a standardised meeting experience. 
Add Groupshare Montage to enable wireless presentation for your meeting space. Montage makes it easy for participants to wirelessly share their screens from any device up to the big screen.
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Standardize setup. PIN-protect your settings and export them across the organization for a standardized experience in every room.

Access to the tools you need. Customize GroupShare with your favourite productivity apps and URLs for one-touch launching.

Wireless sharing as standard. Cast from any device to display.

GroupShare works with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, Lifesize, BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, and Google Meet.

Keep rooms secure. Keep the meeting room device secure using Kiosk Mode and prevent unwanted access to the Windows 10 system.

Configured clean-up. Built-in security options remove cached data, close applications, and clean up the device for the next meeting.

  • “We mainly use Microsoft Teams as our internal tool, but for external parties, we use Zoom. Using Launcher in Kiosk Mode makes it very easy for non-tech savvy staff members to use the meeting room equipment and launch their calls.”
    Paefou Panapa – ICT Assistant, The Pacific Community
    Case study
  • “When we discovered Launcher, there was nothing else out there that came close. With Launcher installed, we are reassured that every screen is exactly the same no matter which station you to go; the same apps and icons are always there.”
    Mark Scoales – Digital Services Manager, GMCA
    Case study


Avocor GroupShare for Microsoft 365 comes preconfigured for Microsoft enterprise customers. It features Microsoft Office 365 authentication and room resource calendar integration, one-click accessibility of the Microsoft 365 personal calendar, OneDrive access, and secure, wireless screen-sharing.

Users are able to sign-in to their personal Microsoft 365 accounts via a QR code on the display. Simply scan to gain access to personal calendars and Microsoft OneDrive, allowing users to launch meetings and content quickly.

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