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Desktop Environments 

There has never been a greater need for teams to see, hear and contribute from their desktop. Users need hardware that enables them to meet, collaborate, and participate to get more done. Innovative companies are investing in technology that allows teams to connect from their desktop. Beyond just audio and video to hear or see, the best solutions also allow audio and video capture while muting out unwanted noise and a perfectly placed camera. And to be able to contribute, interactive touch technology enables you to contribute the same way you could if you were in the same room with your teammates. 

Why Avocor for desktop environments  

Meeting Equity 

Enable every team member to contribute to the creation of mood, vision or campaign boards 

Single cable connectivity 

Reduce cable clutter with a single USB-C cable for docking and charging 

Multi-purpose use 

Utilize Desk 27 on hot desks as a multi-purpose dock, monitor, meeting device, and whiteboard  

Work from anywhere 

Fully participate in whiteboarding and ideation sessions, from anywhere 

Avocor solutions for desktop environments 

Series One Desk 27 | Making collaboration personal 

Our most unique touch solution yet, the Google Meet Series One Desk 27, is a premium all-in-one touchscreen Google Meet device, desk monitor, laptop docking station, and digital whiteboard. Desk 27 is optimized for Google Meet and works seamlessly with any conferencing service, including Teams, WebEx, and Zoom, when connected to a laptop. A single USB-C cable connects Desk 27's camera, microphones, speaker, power, and control for Meet and any other video conference app, as well as access to all of your laptop's content. 
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