avocor technologies

Different by design

At Avocor, we are dedicated to creating collaboration display technology that changes the way you work and learn. Our solutions are designed to solve our customers needs to communicate and collaborate better, whether it's across the table or across the globe. Our displays provide an intuitive user experience that enables you to be more efficient but is affordable enough to be integrated into every type of working or learning environment. Avocor products use the latest technology, are upgradeable, and uniquely offer interoperability with UC hardware and software tools.

With a proven history in collaboration display hardware and manufacturing displays, Avocor knows that our customers are looking for flexible solutions that will maximize investments that have already been made. Our customers demand that there displays integrate into their existing environments and work seamlessly with the collaboration hardware, such as audio systems or video collaboration platforms like Zoom or Teams that they already have and use. 

A world of possibilities

We create solutions that are designed to provide intuitive user experience, enabling you to be more efficient and are affordable enough to be integrated into every workspace and learning space where you need to meet, learn or collaborate.


Headquartered in Oregon in the United States, Avocor is a global company operating in more than 50 countries worldwide. 

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