About our company

Headquartered in Oregon, US, Avocor is a global leader in creating collaboration solutions that enable people to come together easily, in-person or remotely, efficiently, and effectively. We create interactive solutions and software platforms that can stimulate creativity, engagement, and teamwork and we are passionate about creating solutions that make a difference.

We are ‘different by design’

We think about what teams need to stay connected in order to collaborate, to create and to communicate, and then we design products that enable people to seamlessly do just that!

We are passionate about collaboration

Every day, we work towards one goal: making collaboration better. And we only create solutions that enhance how teams can work together.

Our solutions enable meeting equity

Avocor interactive displays create meeting equity for everyone, whether you are in the room or joining remotely, ensuring everyone can see and hear clearly as well as contribute intuitively.

Our products work with everything

From Google Meet to Microsoft Teams, from Zoom to RingCentral, our solutions efficiently run video meetings, use whiteboards, and share content through every video and software platform.

We work with collaboration market leaders

To ensure a robust, seamless solution that works instantly, we design, test and deploy solutions with collaboration leaders including HP, Lenovo and Logitech so hardware will never slow you down.
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Avocor Interactive Solutions

Products that integrate beautifully into your workspace

Choosing Avocor interactive solutions enables everyone to have the same user experience, through products that integrate beautifully into existing environments and work seamlessly with other collaboration tools already in use. Ultimately, our technology enables you to adapt our solutions to your specific needs and requirements as opposed to restricting your needs to the capability of the display.

We work with the best

Avocor in partnership with Google
Avocor in partnership with HP
Avocor in partnership with Lenovo
Avocor in partnership with Logitech
Avocor in partnership with Microsoft
RingCentral with Avocor
Avocor in partnership with Zoom
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