RingCentral with AvocorRingCentral with Avocor

Bringing interactivity to the forefront of your video conference with RingCentral Rooms for Touch.

RingCentral and Avocor have entered a powerful partnership to bring interactive touch to the world-renowned video conferencing solution, RingCentral Rooms, allowing for annotation and real-time collaboration capabilities. Together, RingCentral and Avocor bring a new series of Avocor CollabTouch displays to the hybrid, remote and in-office working environments, with built-in RingCentral Rooms for Touch.

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RingCentral with Avocor CollabTouchRingCentral with Avocor

CollabTouch by Avocor

RingCentral Rooms for Touch is a newly updated software that allows an immersive collaborative experience on the new series of Avocor CollabTouch displays. This offering allows for digital whiteboarding, on-screen annotation, and joining and ending meetings all with the touch of your finger.

Avocor’s CollabTouch displays are designed for the next generation of meetings. With a range of sizes from 55” – 86”, an edge-to-edge display option, Avocor UiQ—Avocor’s new Smart touch-enabled dynamic user interface—and utilizing Logitech’s Rally Bar, this solution is engineered to offer the best meeting experience.

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RingCentral with Avocor

Create an immersive experience

Avocor’s interactive display solutions enable RingCentral users to enhance their meeting experience for better collaboration with the power of touch. RingCentral provides radical mobility allowing customers to seamlessly switch between devices easily. Customers can switch their phone meetings to a video meeting and a video meeting to a RingCentral Rooms for Touch experience,  allowing teams to collaborate and create an immersive meeting experience.  Now your hybrid workforce can use this new solution to accelerate collaboration, enhance communication, and work together more effectively no matter where they are in the world. 

RingCentral with Avocor

Seamless hardware integration

Avocor works natively with third-party hardware manufacturers, including Logitech - a certified partner of both RingCentral and Avocor. Customers will have the ability to choose from Logitech’s top-of-the-line videoconferencing solutions depending on their meeting room needs.  This provides customers with the ability to deploy solutions for any size meeting space. 

RingCentral with Avocor

Incredibly responsive, pixel-perfect touch

Avocor solutions combine crisp 4K resolution with 20-points of touch with Avocor Intelligent Touch to offer an incredibly responsive, pixel-perfect experience that brings pen and inking capability into all desktop applications including Microsoft 365 collaboration tools, at room-scale.

RingCentral with Avocor

Enable interactivity in rooms with 
Avocor CollabTouch

By partnering with Logitech and RingCentral, Avocor CollabTouch enables exceptional interactive meeting experiences through the widest array of optimized configurations for hybrid workspaces. CollabTouch has a wide variety of configurations for interactive spaces that range in size and capability to maximize the benefits of interactive experiences designed for hybrid workforces.

Hybrid collaboration in today’s work environments.

Designed to be easy to use, easy to manage and easy to set up experience, RingCentral Rooms for Touch combined with Avocor provides an impeccable collaboration experience. This solution expands the RingCentral meeting room system to include touch capabilities and whiteboarding functionalities for a more efficient, effective and meaningful collaborative meeting.

This partnership will continue RingCentrals mission to bring radical mobility to the hybrid workforce. Together Avocor and RingCentral are working to provide a better experience to provide equity and inclusion for all meeting participants.

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RingCentral with Avocor

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RingCentral with Avocor
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