Peak Performance. 
Sleek Design.

Superior Interactive Display for Hybrid Collaboration.


The H Series redefines workspace integration, merging ultra-thin bezel elegance with top-tier functionality. Perfectly suited for various collaborative settings, it offers an immersive touch experience, user-friendly interfaces, and versatile integration, including seamless compatibility with the Lenovo ThinkSmart core. Designed for dynamic interactivity, the H Series enhances both the aesthetic and functional aspects of professional environments, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to elevate their collaborative capabilities.

Elegant Design for
Contemporary Spaces

Optimized Display for
Immersive Experiences

Advanced Touch Technology for Collaborative Work

Avocor H Series

The future of interactive hybrid displays

Avocor H Series
Avocor H Series
Avocor H Series
Seamless Integration and Versatile Connectivity
Practical Aspects for
Dynamic Software for
Enhanced Communication

Recognizing the importance of seamless integration in modern workspaces, the H Series is designed for easy installation and compatibility with popular CPUs, including a specific mounting system for the Lenovo ThinkSmart core. This thoughtful design choice, coupled with a range of connectivity options including a 100W Type C port and multiple HDMI inputs, ensures the H Series fits effortlessly into diverse technological environments.

The H Series prioritizes ease of installation and integration. Designed to allow installers to configure the system before mounting, it ensures a clean and efficient setup. The inclusion of an AV bar atop and a streamlined cable management system complements its sleek design, allowing for a 'hang-and-go' installation process. This ease of setup, combined with its advanced features, makes the H Series an indispensable asset for modern, connected workspaces.

Equipped with Montage for wireless content sharing and Rise Vision for digital signage, the H Series goes beyond standard display functions. These integrated applications enhance team collaboration and allow the display to serve as a communication hub when idle, broadcasting essential information and updates.

Affordable Flexibility for Every Space

The H Series, available in 65”, 75”, and 86” sizes, offers a cost-effective solution for enhancing interactive experiences in various settings. Ideal for everything from high-tech boardrooms to dynamic wayfinding kiosks, its price and adaptability make it a perfect fit for diverse organizational needs. This series not only promises versatility but also delivers on efficiency, ensuring a valuable impact in any professional environment.

Avocor H Series
Avocor H Series

Global Management with FUSE

In today's hybrid work world, the H Series leverages FUSE to offer a cloud-based management solution. This platform simplifies the remote handling of all Avocor devices, ideal for global deployments. FUSE enables effortless remote configuration, deployment, and maintenance, accessible from anywhere, enhancing the scalability and management efficiency of your Avocor network.


Edge-to-Edge Glass with Ultra-Thin 4mm Bezel

40 Points of Touch PCAP Technology

4K Resolution | 16.9

Presence Sensors


Seamless with any type of UC hardware, including Logitech, Lenovo and HP

Works with any UC software, including Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Cisco WebEx

Easy installation and compatibility with popular CPUs

Connectivity options including a 100W Type C port and multiple HDMI inputs


UiQ - Touch enabled dynamic user interface

Montage - Wireless sharing for any device

GroupShare - Effortless app launch for meeting spaces

Rise Vision - Customizable digital signage

FUSE - Simplified remote technology management


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