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Millions of organizations are adopting a hybrid work model. But hybrid is about more than just where you work. It’s about enabling a work-from-anywhere culture that fosters collaboration equity and strengthens human connections. Everyone deserves a seat at the table: The proliferation of video and more inclusive meetings demands the need for new interactive hardware, both shared and personal. Google Meet hardware comes to the rescue.

Google Series One Awards

Avocor and Google MEET Partnership

Avocor and Google have a global partnership that is founded in our commitment for better, more immersive meeting experiences. Our two new products, Google Meet Series One Desk 27 and Series One Board 65 bring you all-in-one touchscreen video conferencing, whiteboarding, and more for immersive, effortless, approachable Google Meet hardware for every room. 

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Google Series One Awards
Google meet Series One

Immersive, effortless, approachable hardware for every room

Both the Series One Board 65 and Series One Desk 27 deliver the immersive experiences you’ve come to expect with Google Meet Series One

Google Series One Board 65
Series One Board 65 by Avocor  - a 65” all-in-one video collaboration and brainstorming solution.

Crystal Clear Audio and Video

Series one devices give everyone a seat at the table and an equal voice through the high quality video and true voice audio, supported by Google AI and a dedicated processor. 

Google Series One Desk 27
Series One Desk 27 by Avocor - a 27” all-in-one personal device for 1-2 person rooms and desktops.

Touch Screen Plus Passive Stylus

Start a meeting with a single tap, or just say, “Hey Google, start my meeting.” Then make the meeting even more interactive by writing or sketching out ideas together using the stylus—or simply your fingers—on the integrated digital whiteboarding screen.

Whiteboard app

Picture perfect

Powerful EPTZ cameras with wide field of view autoframe you for the perfect shot.

Google Admin console

Monitor the status of all deployed devices, including settings, firmware updates and collecting Google Meet analytics on this platform

Cut through the clutter

Be heard with TrueVoice™

This groundbreaking noise cancellation technology from Google detects and eliminates distracting sounds in real-time, including keyboard typing, phone vibrations and crinkling snack packaging, while enhancing and amplifying human voices for crystal-clear conversations.

TrueVoice singles out distracting audio from up to 44 sources, so everyone can be heard clearly from anywhere in the room, even in noisy environments, giving every participant a voice and a seat at the table.

Exclusive to Series One devices.
Google Series One Desk 27
Google & Avocor

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