The logitech collaboration programme

Avocor is part of the Logitech Collaboration Program, which delivers exceptional user experiences through integrated and complementary products that are easy to use and install. Together, Avocor and Logitech are redefining excellence in Zoom Rooms for Touch with the Avocor ALZ.
Avocor E Series with Logitech Meetup Camera
Avocor ALZ Series with Logitech Meetup Camera
Avocor & Logitech
Avocor | Logitech

The perfect partnership

Four solutions to deliver a unique, integrated, easy-to-use and easy-to-install Zoom Rooms for Touch solution comprised of both companies' best-in-class collaboration technology. The Avocor ALZ systems, each paired with the legendary Logitech MeetUp, deliver completely frictionless communication to connect teams all over the world and enable them to get more done.
Avocor | Video Conferencing

Affordable Video Conferencing

Additionally, the Avocor E series interactive displays combined with a Logitech MeetUp or Rally camera remove the guesswork from combining hardware to provide a complete and affordable video conferencing solution optimized for your business and your budget. With size, options and pricing that's affordable from huddle spaces to executive offices to meeting rooms, Avocor and Logitech are enterprise-ready solutions that enable collaboration in any workspace.
Avocor & Logitech
Avocor in partnership with Google
Avocor in partnership with HP
Avocor in partnership with Lenovo
Avocor in partnership with Logitech
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RingCentral with Avocor
Avocor in partnership with Zoom
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