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92" displays 

For modern meeting spaces and conference rooms, Avocor's 92” ultra-wide interactive displays are designed to provide a superior visual experience, accommodating larger groups with ease. Often replacing complex dual-monitor setups, the 92” display simplifies the meeting environment while offering extensive interaction capabilities through video conferencing and content sharing.The expansive 21:9 aspect ratio and high resolution ensure that participants, both in-room and remote, enjoy a fully immersive experience. 
Ultra large displays  

Avocor 92" displays 

Avocor E92 series 

The Avocor E 92 interactive touch screen display revolutionizes meeting environments with its 92-inch ultra-wide LCD display and 21:9 aspect ratio, eliminating the need for dual-monitor setups and expanding interactive workspaces. Offering a high resolution of 5120x2160, it ensures crystal-clear visuals and supports multi-user interaction with up to 50 touch points on Windows.  
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