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Google Series One Awards
Millions of organizations are adopting a hybrid work model. But hybrid is about more than just where you work. It’s about enabling a work-from-anywhere culture that fosters collaboration equity and strengthens human connections. 

We know that video meetings will continue to play an essential role in connecting teams. And meeting devices and hardware in conference rooms and shared spaces need to help them easily connect and actively participate just as they could from their home office.
Avocor and Google Meet
To address these needs, Avocor has two sets of hardware solutions, Google Meet Series One displays and Avocor G and E series displays, that will enable interactive, immersive meetings in any size space.
Google Series One Awards

Google Meet Series One By Avocor

Avocor and Google have a strategic global partnership that is founded in our commitment for better, more immersive meeting experiences and bringing meeting equity to the more than 6 million businesses that use Google Workspace.
Avocor has expanded the Google Meet hardware ecosystem, which is designed to bring you greater choice and flexibility -- for teams to connect, create, and collaborate -- with two new Series One products developed in collaboration with our partner Avocor.
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Avocor and Google Meet

Google Series One Desk 27 by Avocor

Avocor Desk 27 is our desktop interactive display solution. It’s a premium all-in-one touchscreen Google Meet device, desk monitor, laptop docking station, and digital whiteboard. It’s an all-in-one Google Meet hardware solution. Immersive, effortless, and approachable, Desk 27 is a game changer for meeting equity at the desktop.
Single-touch Google Meet start
Handsfree Google AI “Hey Google, start my meeting”
USB-C for laptop
Works with any video app on your laptop, including Teams and Zoom
Smooth, tilting all-glass surface for whiteboarding
All-in-one camera, TrueVoice audio, mic
HDMI-out for secondary monitor
Avocor and Google Meet

Google Series One Board 65 by Avocor

While Desk 27 is the personal collaboration device, Board 65 brings teams together for more efficient, equitable, and intuitive collaboration. Because it is an interactive touch display, Board 65 seamlessly connects both in-person and remote meeting attendees - enabling everyone in the room or on a call - to see, hear, and contribute to meetings equally.

Single-touch Google Meet start
Handsfree Google AI “Hey Google, start my meeting”
USB-C for laptop
All-in-one digital PTZ camera, audio, mic
Works with any video app
Wall mount or rolling stand
Smooth, all-glass surface for whiteboarding

Avocor Interactive Displays

In addition to the Series One touch displays, all Avocor interactive displays - the G, and E series - are proficient in running Google Meet and the Jamboard whiteboard app.
Avocor E Series

The Avocor E Series

The E series is ideal for video-centric meetings, delivering content in stunning 4K, utilizing IR technology for a cost-effective solution for meeting spaces.

The Avocor G Series

The Avocor G series is a no-compromise, sleek powerhouse hardware that delivers an immersive edge-to-edge 4K experience with precise inking and stunning brightness to deliver a high-performing collaboration environment.
Avocor G series
Google Series One Desk 27
Google & Avocor

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