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The E series interactive displays utilize the very latest optimized touch technology and superior glass technology providing a smooth and extremely accurate, low latency writing experience as well as object recognition. The ability to easily switch between using a pen, finger, and palm create for a fluid collaborative environment for users in real-time. The E series introduces Avocor’s UiQ touch-enabled interface and Montage - wireless screen sharing from any device and instant white-boarding capabilities.


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Avocor UiQ

Avocor UiQ is Avocor’s new Smart touch enabled dynamic user interface, with source preview, touch menu that allows for remote control free usage.

Over-the-air (OTA) firmware UiQ

Over-the-air (OTA) firmware update capability enables firmware updates to be more efficiently deployed rather than manually upgrading each device individually.

Superior Glass Technology

Superior glass technology provides a smooth and extremely accurate, low latency writing experience. Object recognition allows users to easily switch between pen, finger, and palm creating a fluid collaborative environment in real-time.
ALZ Series Side

No Parallax Digital Inking

Zero parallax glass surface with anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coating for a crisp image with smooth, pixel perfect inking.

4K Video with Enhanced HDMI

Enhanced HDMI out supporting 4K video @60Hz and offering a range of connectivity options including front facing guest HDMI, USB touch connections and a USB hub connection for easy access to USB drive data. The 55” and 65" also offers a Type-C connectivity option.

Front Facing Sound Bar

A high-quality, front-facing soundbar module is included, ensuring that the display provides 30w conference room audio delivering a crystal-clear audio experience.

Avocor E Series Screen sizes

AVE-5540 | AVE-6540 | AVE-7540 | AVE-8640
Avocor E Series
Avocor E Series Interactive Touch Screen


Ranging in four sizes, 55", 65”, 75” and 86”, the E series incorporates cutting-edge touch technology that delivers up to 20 ultra-fast touch points, creating an environment that inspires collaboration. With no gap between the glass and actual display screen, users will enjoy a pixel-perfect touch experience with superior writing accuracy and pen performance. Optimized for Windows 10, the E series includes edge-swipe functionality that gives a true tablet-like experience on a large format display screen.
Anti-glare, anti-fingerprint glass delivers an exceptionally smooth, natural writing experience. Object recognition precisely recognizes the size of the object touching the display, transitioning quickly between pen, finger and palm, enhancing the user experience. With the very latest in lightweight LED technology, the E series has an exceptionally slim bezel and 4K interactive touch screen resolution that is visually stunning and the 30W, forward-facing speakers produce a crisp, clear audio performance.

Cleaning your interactive display 

Our recommended way to clean and care for your Avocor displays  - Austere Clean & Protect.
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Make technology barriers a thing of the past

Avocor is helping organizations upgrade meeting spaces so that all participants have the best collaboration experience.
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Avocor the Meeting Video
Avocor the Meeting Video

Enhance your collaboration capabilities with Avocor CollabTouchTM

Combine the power of Avocor’s E series interactive displays with the collaborative strength of highly popular Logitech meeting room solutions, such as the Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini for the ultimate collaboration displays.

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Avocor Collabtouch
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