A New Dimension of 21:9 Interactive Teamwork

Broadening the Canvas for Enhanced Teamwork

The Avocor L Series stands at the forefront of collaborative technology, crafted to enrich the Microsoft Teams experience and set a new benchmark in collaborative engagement. Its ultra-wide 21:9 aspect ratio on a captivating 105” display not only broadens your visual workspace but also enhances participation and creativity in a variety of settings. From strategy sessions in boardrooms to dynamic learning in educational environments, the L Series empowers users to navigate through interactive meetings and training sessions with ease, making every collaboration more effective and immersive. This innovation ensures that whether you're brainstorming ideas, analyzing data, or connecting with remote teams, the L Series provides a versatile platform for a wide range of use cases, making every interaction more meaningful and productive.

Icon 21:9

Unique 21:9 Aspect Ratio

Icon 5K

Stunning 5K Resolution


PCAP Technology

Elevate Your Microsoft Teams Experience

Designed with Microsoft Teams front row experience in mind, the L Series transforms every meeting into an immersive collaboration opportunity, ensuring everyone is seen, heard, and can participate as if they were in the same room.

Avocor L Series
Avocor L Series
Avocor L Series
Avocor L Series
Ultra-Wide Canvas for Enhanced Collaboration
Exceptional Touch and Non-Touch Options
Designed for the Future of Work

The L Series' unique 21:9 aspect ratio and stunning 5K resolution offer a more expansive workspace without altering the ideal height. Showcase multiple application windows simultaneously, making your meetings more dynamic and engaging.

Whether you prefer interactive touch for hands-on collaboration or sleek non-touch for streamlined communication, the L Series offers solutions that fit every business need, with the touch display boasting up to 40 points of touch with PCAP technology.

Featuring ultra-thin bezels and edge-to-edge glass in a sleek brushed aluminum design, the L Series is not just a tool but a centerpiece for any modern workspace.

Avocor L Series
Avocor L Series


Boardrooms and Conference Rooms: Transform decision-making sessions with engaging visuals and interactive features.

Microsoft Teams Rooms: Elevate your Teams meetings with a display designed for the front row experience.

Avocor L Series

Elevate Collaboration

The Avocor L Series redefines what's possible in collaborative technology, merging an ultra-wide display with superior interactivity and seamless integration for Microsoft Teams and beyond. Discover how the L Series can transform your collaborative spaces and elevate your team's productivity.

Avocor l Series

Redefining Collaborative Technology


Ultra-Responsive Touch: 20 Points of Intelligent Touch

Vivid Clarity: 4K Resolution, Anti-Glare Optically Bonded Glass

Intuitive Interaction: Enhanced with Object Recognition Technology


Universal Compatibility: Flawless with UC Systems like Logitech, Lenovo, HP

Multi-Platform Support: Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco WebEx

Versatile Connections: Type-C and HDMI for Comprehensive Connectivity


Dynamic Interface: UiQ - Intuitive Touch-Enabled Navigation

Wireless Sharing: Montage - Effortless Content Sharing Across Devices

Centralized Control: FUSE - Cloud-Based Management Simplified


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